Is Ryan Phillippe Next On Britney Spears’ List?

Did you guys hear the latest rumor that has the rumor mills working overtime? No?? Then let me tell you why Britney Spears is back in news again. (Is she ever out of news? Hmmm!)

Britney Spears, who was recently seen showing off her bikini body in Marina del Ray, has enamoured the very not so ‘Cruel Intentions’ actor Ryan Phillippe completely. So much so that he got down and dirty with ‘Oops I did it again’ singerat a Hollywood club last week. “The talk of the clubbing crowd is Britney and Ryan are hooking up,” said a clubgoer. “It sure looked like it from the scene they put on at Les Deux last week. They were all over each other.”

Here’s the scoop – both Britney and Ryan met up and played around in the VIP area at Les Deux. The duo looked ‘awfully familiar and intimate’ together. But that’s not all! Sometime later they Britney and Ryan moved to the men’s room and were found going at it after Britney’s bodyguards got worried for her and broke down the door!

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#1 Justin on 06.01.07 at 9:35 am

Britney Spears is ridiculous…and why would anybody want to be hooking up with her right now?..the wig falls off and…you’re stuck with a scary looking chick, haha. Even scarier is Britney Speared – check out – if you want to see some sick celeb pics, including mrs. spears…I work with them, and its the same people who did the garbage pail kids cards…is awesome. Just as a side note…who has she not dated in hollywood? Seems like she gets around quite a bit. haha…

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