Paris Hilton Makes An Attempt To Change Her Image

No more skimpy, revealing outfits for Paris. It’s all about being covered up!

Paris Hilton has begun to ‘live like a nun’ in an attempt to avoid prison.
The hotel heiress has told friends that she is quitting alcohol and excessive partying, and has had a complete wardrobe overhaul. Paris, 26, has been sentenced to a 45 days jail sentence for driving with a suspended license, and is making this attempt to clean up on the advice of her lawyers to evade jail. A friend of the socialite’s told Britain’s The Sun newspaper: “Paris’ attorneys have insisted she live like a nun.”

“She has been strictly advised to stop acting like a Hollywood brat and appear more humble as they battle to keep her out of jail.”

“They have ordered her to show a judge she has some humility and social responsibility if she is going to have her sentence reduced on appeal.”

“That means no booze, no parading round in skimpy outfits, no partying. She’s got to stick with her family and take on a healthier regime.”

Paris Hilton’s sentence is due to begin at California’s female-only Century Regional Detention Centre in Lynwood on June 5, 2007. The singer, actor is known to be preparing herself well for the inevitable by learning self-defence for protection against inmates who have threatened to target her.

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#1 James on 05.21.07 at 4:12 am

Sounds like a good idea whether jail is involved or not…Good Luck Paris…

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