John Mayer’s Faux Pas Has Jessica Simpson Fuming

We all know, guys can be really dumb and Jessica Simpson found out just how dumb her boyfriend, singer John Mayer is. Recently, Mayer put his foot in his mouth when he mistook Jessica for her younger sister Ashlee Simpson.

Jessica Simpson was furious when John saw Ashlee on the cover a magazine and though it was Jess. It’s reported that he pointed to Ashlee’s picture and asked, “How old is this picture of you?” It’s possible that Mayer may have been confused as Jessica Simpson has gone brunette.

A witness told Star magazine, “Jessica read John the riot act. He definitely touched a nerve.” Jessica insisted that she and Ashlee look completely different. It’s been reported that Jessica, 26, who was once close to Ashlee, 22, has started to grow apart from the time Ashlee lost weight and dyed her hair blond.

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