Nicole Kidman puts clamps on Urban

Nicole Kidman has asked her husband Keith Urban to wear an ankle monitor, in an attempt to keep him away from booze.

According to, the Oscar winning actor is so concerned that the “country boy might backslide back into the booze; she has decided to lock a remote-controlled alcohol monitor around his ankle.”

And Urban reportedly has no problems abiding by his wife’s demands – because he is determined to stay away from alcohol after his successful rehab program and has consented to wear the monitor, knowing full well that any hint of alcohol in his sweat will be detected by Nicole.

The Australian news agency has also stated: “It is believed the gadget is a Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (also known as the SCRAM). The SCRAM is worn as an ankle bracelet to check for alcohol vapours that come out of the skin.”

Nicole will be busy shooting for the movie ‘Australia’ with Hugh Jackman, while Keith will be on the road with his SCRAM device.

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#1 Michelle on 05.03.07 at 8:13 am

My God, are people that stupid that they actually believe something that came from a tabloid? In this case, the National Enquirer. God help us all!

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