All for Jake’s Sake: Reese Witherspoon warns Jennifer Aniston

It’s been reported that Reese Witherspoon has warned Jennifer Aniston to stay away from Jake Gyllenhaal. When Jen and Witherspoon‘s current boyfriend Gyllenhaal shared a special ‘moment’ (read intimate embrace and a prolonged kiss) at an award ceremony held earlier this month, Witherspoon went ballistic! A source told Woman’s Day magazine: “It wasn’t just a […]

Drew Barrymore: People and Spike’s #1 choice

This week seems to be great for this Charlie’s Angles star, Drew Barrymore. The People magazine has put this free-spirited actor on the #1 spot on its annual ‘100 Most Beautiful People’ list. And what’s even more interesting is that the actor seems to have found love in the arms of director Spike Jonze! Barrymore’s […]