Do you know Sameera Reddy?

Sameera Reddy is one of the most successful indian actress/celebrity! Bollywood is the place where Sameera stars. Her attractive appearance and tamperament make her one of the most famous personas in India! She is a great dancer, she mad some great music videos, but her popularity raised after her Bollywood appearances.

Sameera Reddy posing

We found one of the most completed sites for her here. You can find an interesting biography, gallery, trivia, and filmography of the sexy star!!

Sameera Reddy in a sexy pose

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#1 andy on 03.11.07 at 4:23 pm

sameera reddy if you wanna married me then contact me if you want. your my #1 star

#2 MG on 08.24.07 at 2:14 am

Sameera Reddy isn’t just a symbol of sex. Though she has got sexy image in bollywood industry she is very kindhearted person.She is fighting for an orphanage against a landlady.She is seeking the help of many to help those innocent children who are homeless….good luck Sameera…..wish u a successfull future

#3 MG on 08.24.07 at 2:16 am

It is said that she is going to replace Mallika Sherawat in the bollywood….who knows the future…but it requires boldness..its not just acting but EXPOSE….!!!!??

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