Lady Sovereign vs Lily Allen 1-0

The battle between Lily Allen and Lady Sovereign has started. Sovereign first declared that Lily was succesfull because of her dad (Keith Allen, British comedian). Of course Allen didn’t waste time.. she started her attack to Lady Sovereign.

In a ironic declaration Lily suggest that Lady Sovereign should be adopted by her father in order her career raise.. But it seems that Lady Sovereign is the real winner as her career is in a good point after signing in Jay Z‘s label Def Jam. The chart success came immediately. In the other hand Lily Allen didn’t get any Brit Award thoughshe had three nominations.. this caused great disappointment!

Let’s see who will be the winner of the next round!

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#1 domino on 03.13.07 at 3:09 pm

the flashing commercial is FUCKIN’ ANNOYING. I come here to read about gossip not to be harrassed by a commercial.

On the other hand thanks for reporting about Lady Sov.She’s great.I’m a fan of her work.

#2 Donnie on 05.09.07 at 9:32 am

Well, Lily Allen has her own clothing line started, and has had greater success (as far as how many records she’s sold) than Lady Sov.

Furthermore, Lily Allen has had greater success in the United Kingdom than Lady Sov has had in the US. The only reason Jay Z signed Sov was to make a bit of money, as he hoped being a white female british rapper, he would have a unique “product” in the market; unfortunately, it might well be a product people are not willing to buy, or take a liking to.

I suppose it’s true Lily did get a legs up from her dad, however, she’s being honest in her delivery as an individual, and not trying to be someone she is not to sell records.

#3 Blonde Barbie on 07.09.07 at 2:14 pm

yeah lady sov is the bomb im a big fan of her work shes great and i think you should keep goin you are at the top you great darlz mwah xoxoxoxo

#4 dios mio on 08.02.07 at 6:56 pm


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