Marilyn Manson’s wife files for divorce…..Seriously, wouldn’t you?

Marily Manson and Dita Von Teese
wife of just over a year, model and burlesque dancer Dita Von Teese, is seeking a divorce. Von Teese and Manson were wed Nov. 28, 2005, and according to court documents. They separated on Christmas Eve.
Their wedding was very secretive including guests such as Madonna, Lisa Marie Presley and Johnny Depp. It was reported to cost over $500,000 USD for the ceremony at Castle Gurteen in County Tipperary, Ireland. If I spent that much for the wedding, I might have tried to keep the girl around a little longer….

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#1 netter on 01.26.07 at 5:14 am

no kidding…I’d be jumping off a roof (not before – of course – I had my divorce check!)

#2 cassiey on 02.24.07 at 5:53 pm

I WOULDN’T file for a divorce. Im sorry but Marilyn Manson is an idol of mine. Yes his music has problems in it but the dude knows alot, shares the same birthday as me, is an AWESOME singer, is very in touch with his inner feelings knows what he wants and how he wants to live his life and cares greatly for his 2 children… and saying something like “I would jump off a roof(not before – of course – I had my divorce check!)” is VERY selfish and conceided. Marriage and Divorce isnt all about the fucking money. Its choosing to share a bond with someone you love and then choosing to either stick with it or end it. not fucking money when you pull your head out of your ass just know that there are ALOT more people that would LOVE to marry Marilyn Manson and not because he has money. Plus there is no use in divorcing someone if you arent married to them so the part where you said “Seriously, wouldn’t you?” is totally stupid and you just make yourself seem like a huge ass to me….. more than you already seem

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