Angelina didn’t mean to steal Brad from Jen…

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#1 A former fan... on 12.13.06 at 7:54 pm

Sorry, but your site is total crap now.

So sad.

Good luck to you.

#2 Still a fan on 12.14.06 at 12:00 pm

I totally disagree. This content for this site is very specific. On top of that she just had a baby and isn’t a full-time blogger anymore.

#3 jackie on 12.14.06 at 12:08 pm

mean people suck!!! that for you #1 .Congrats on the baby . I think your doing good .

#4 lisa on 12.15.06 at 6:41 am

oh my,,,, there baby is so gorgous its on real

#5 I know I know I know on 12.15.06 at 8:54 am

Hey #1, Chrystie doesn’t run this site anymore. She sold it a while ago.

#6 T on 12.15.06 at 11:38 am

The site does suck now. But like #5 said, this isn’t Chrystie’s site.

#7 Marci on 12.18.06 at 6:19 pm

Congratulations on the child. Divorces happen all the time. I think it is time for Jennifer to move on (well past time actually) and I hope she won’t do anymore sham publicity driven relationships.

#8 SWOODS on 01.19.07 at 2:00 am

My opinion….if she did it with him, she’ll do it to him. I feel sorry for Brad, cause she will screw him over too. What goes around, comes around

#9 Denise on 01.19.07 at 5:13 am

That baby is so beautiful!!!!!!!!!

#10 Cindy on 01.19.07 at 5:37 am

I still remember what Angelina said, “I won’t go with a married man”. In fact, you did, You’re the caused of there break up. You’re a home wrecker, hope it won’t happen to any of your children. Like what #8 said, “What goes around, comes around”.Let’s wait whos marriage you gonna destroy next. Your likes of adapting children is your ways to cover up your sin.

#11 janice on 01.24.07 at 5:33 pm

she is going to screw him over so bad one day. Dont yu think that if brad and jen had a baby is would be even cuter? too late now but ya this sight is old news..

#12 misty on 07.08.07 at 4:01 pm

I do not feel sorry for Brad he did this to himself so what goes around does come around and he’s finding out fast.Brad really needs to look toward his mom @ dad for help.There is someone out there for him and it’s not in Hollywood.He is more down to earth thinks to his parents rasing him well.Always loved William Bradley Pitt in every movie he ever made.AWESOME ACTOR but blind when comes to true LOVE

#13 khushi on 01.05.08 at 3:59 am

I just wonder if angelina did’nt come into brads and jen life whould them to stilll be married i mean 5 YEARS MARRIED IS A LONNGGG TIME!!
And this one women comes in his life and he’s off
…..It aint gonna last…..if it does their a nice couple.. but am just being relistic if he didnt love Jen wtf did he marry her :S

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