Nicole Richie picks up the scraps….

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#1 arianna on 12.08.06 at 2:44 pm

i think that is nuts. u shouldnt be going out with someone a couple after u just got out of a realtionship. joel shouldnt spread hilarys face into his realtionship with nicole. hilary must feel awful for breaking up with her boyfriend of 2 and a half years. she really loved him but there was a big age difference between them. hilary is my role model and i thought that her and joel made the cuttest couple and the perfect couple.

#2 mandy on 12.11.06 at 12:26 pm

hilary duff is way cuter than nicole richie…..the girl looks like a rat…nicoles shes just a rebound…

#3 anomoniss on 12.11.06 at 9:21 pm

listen mandy. you’re just a stupid little jealous bitch who likes to make fun of people that are better than you.i’m really fed up with people like you taking your anger out on someone like nicole richie who is better than you are, richer than you are and a lot prettier than you are. for all we know you could be a fat beached whale dreaming of how you could look like nicole richie and have a better love like she does. maybe you should switch to being a lezbian. since no man would want to fuck a fucking whale.

#4 Lexi on 12.13.06 at 3:51 pm

ewwww! shes such a slut

#5 aileen on 12.15.06 at 5:47 pm

well it seems like joel loves anorexic girls!! nicole is so ugly, and even though hilary is sick because she is, its so much better girl and woman than that hore, she is a really a good girl, and i think that joel and hil make a better couple …Gosh i love joel and his music but he is making a bad choice, and i hope that its not true, that rumor about he breaking up with her because she didnīt wanted to sleep with him, what do guys know about that???

xoxo love joel 4 ever

#6 be happy...GOSH on 12.15.06 at 5:59 pm

God, i mean this are just comments, just letting you know, ok???
it seems like u are the lesbian, what are you in-love with nicole, does she touched your girlfriend!! ???
you donīt need to insult anyone…just to express what u feel, i mean i think hil its kool but i am not gonna lose my head 4 this people who doesnīt even know who the hell we ARE….
i bet nicole is fucki…with joel and hil is probably sad but she’ll get over it!!! we should do it too, you know donīt let this affects you….hahaha


#7 cheryl on 12.31.06 at 3:38 am

Joel is seeing her and that’s that..Big deal…It’s not necessary for Joel to sit at home and brood over a broken relationship…Chances are that Joel and Hilary will get back together…She needed a breather ! What they had together was good and it was clean…w/Nicole, who knows, she’s a rebound for Joel ! I wouldn’t want that bag of bones in between my sheets, not even for the moment !

#8 Sarah =) on 01.06.07 at 1:00 am

ha yer big deal get ova it ppl gosh its his life let him do wat the fuck he wants with it !

#9 Melanie on 04.06.07 at 2:37 pm

Nicole richie is gorgeous… & you guys just look at her for what shes done in the past, how do u know if shes changed? she could have changed & is now ready to settle down & fall in love. so stop critisizing her & going crazy. Joel could have just been tired & fed up with Hils shit.. or they just werent ment for eachotehr.. (stuff like that happens you know ;) ) but yea i think you guys just need to give nicole a chance.

#10 nawtiee-punk on 04.23.07 at 10:55 pm

omg.hel is damn beter than nicole..& joel nd hil makes better couple..i hope they will be back again…they both are the cutest couple..

#11 Someone! on 05.27.07 at 3:45 pm

OMG, Joel, and Nicole??? THAT IS INSANE, Nicole is just the rebound girl and that is the stupidest thing ever!!! I think Joel deserves better than her!!…..Actually, it is their life and they can do WHATEVER!!!! IT IS JOELS LIFE!!!!

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