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Sandra Oh gets divorce for Christmas..

Grey’s Anatomy starlet, Sandra Oh, got just what she wanted for Christmas…a divorce from her estranged husband, Alexander Payne. The two originally split up in 2005 but were finessing the details of the divorce well into this year. A petition for the divorce decree was filed last week in an attempt to settle the divorce […]

The Barkers: Back On?

Dj AM wants a new flavor of the week…

Eminem & Kim: Divorce Finalized AGAIN! beet cream

https://holistickenko.com/summer-beet-soup/ https://holistickenko.com/summer-beet-soup/ beet cream

Lance & Reichen: NOT Broken Up!

Tom Brady & Bridget Moynahan: Dunzo

It’s over for New England Patriot quarterback, Tom Brady and his girlfriend of 3 years, Bridget Moynahan. The two reportedly split up ‘amicably’ several weeks ago and remain committed friends.

Angelina didn’t mean to steal Brad from Jen…

Jenna Jameson files for divorce…

Britney’s New Man!

Not only has Britney lost her mind..she’s lost her glasses (yes, their fake..but whatevs)! Newly single party gal, Britters, was seen canoodling with fugtastic, J.R. Rotem. Rotem is a music producer and has worked with her soon-to-be ex K-Fed. The two had a lunch date, ate some food and enjoyed a few cigarettes. Exciting!

Is Owen Wilson going to propose to Kate Hudson?

Nicole Richie picks up the scraps….

The Break Up: Life imitates Art… what produces acid in the stomach

https://holistickenko.com/heartburn-acid-reflux/ https://holistickenko.com/heartburn-acid-reflux/ what produces acid in the stomach

How much money does a Pro-Tennis player make?

Ryan Phillippe: Still Single and Sexy…

Come on girls..ya gotta admit..Ryan Phillippe may have messed things up in his marriage..but he’s still damn fine!

Lance Bass & Boyfriend: SPLIT!