Justin Timberlake avoids Britney Question…

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#1 Maximum Big Surprise on 11.14.06 at 3:53 am

Yes, you’re right! LOL!!!

#2 sandra on 11.14.06 at 4:01 am

Why on earth do they still ask him about Britney. It would go on my nervs too!

#3 audrey on 11.14.06 at 4:19 am

Just the fact that they would even consider asking him about someone he dated what over 4 years ago seems kinda juvenile to me. I also thought it was the same way, when after Madonna and Britney kissed, the first person the camera flashes to is JT. I’m not a Justin fan, and I have no use for Britney, but they have both so obviously moved on from what they used to be. Maybe the media should too.

#4 Maximum Big Surprise on 11.14.06 at 6:58 am

Audrey, they’re so focused on them because they used to be the “golden” couple. I don’t give a shit about them either, though.

#5 donya on 11.15.06 at 11:51 am

JT obviously could care less. i take his statement to mean there are much more important and pressing matters going on rather than waste an ounce of thought on his hick ex-gf…i don’t blame him either! get your sexy on JT!

#6 Sheila Marie D. Titong on 01.21.07 at 8:11 pm

well, i guess, justin just don’t want to say something that would make the most cleberated divorce of britney by the press u know. if he will comment, it will be such an issue. whatever he says. people will give different interpretations. less talk, less mistakes. But it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about what’s going on about britney. I’m sure he still cares. You never forget your first LOVE.

#7 Jenna on 05.21.07 at 12:30 am

jenna leave it out jt and britney r just m8s so stop askin him

#8 Daddys girl on 07.08.07 at 7:06 am

if justin and britney talk about anything the media are gunna be all over it because everyone thinks they are getting back together and if they are its because they thinks its was is right for both of them he media should let them have time alone and think it through. If jt likes britney as a frined he can talk to her and no one should ask him anything about it!!

#9 Anon on 08.14.07 at 4:43 am

I totally agree with ‘donya’ on this one. He shot that comment out because there are plenty more things to be worrying about in this world. Loads of people go through painful and messy divorces each day… but it’s not regarded as important as maybe somebody else’s just because they have celebrity status. I think Timberlake was perfectly reasonable in saying what he said. When you are a celebrity.. you are well known… which increases fascination, and maybe even obsession with the lives of people you don’t even know.

#10 walid on 03.21.08 at 12:29 am

hello my love justin ilove you very mutch.you are my best siger of me.ilove you.kiss

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