Eddie Murphy ‘spices up his life’…

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#1 Maximum Big Surprise on 11.14.06 at 1:35 pm

How weird. Maybe they like it like that, who knows. who cares anyway.

#2 Smart.»Blog Archive » Linkage! on 11.14.06 at 5:44 pm

[…] Eddie Murphy cheats on Scary Spice? [Hollywood Heartbreaker] postCount(‘3061′); | postCountTB(‘3061′); • • •  […]

#3 joyce on 11.27.06 at 12:25 pm

Scary spice DESERVES IT

#4 blackvenus on 12.06.06 at 5:26 am

Who cares?! People in Hollywood have the same problems that everyone else does. They can just afford their problems.

#5 Shay on 01.12.07 at 4:13 am

What I want to know is why in the world she would do something so stupid as conceive a child with someone she’s only been dating two or three months? Especially since he was only divorced a few weeks when THEY started dating! It’s not like people haven’t gotten AMPLE options on preventing untimely pregnancy… If you ask me, SHE deserves it. I think she was just trying to trap Eddie by getting knocked up at the getgo. Serves her right! He is OBVIOUSLY not the nice, funny guy that he portrays in all of his movies, but she could have avoided getting pregnant in the first month or two of dating! I hope it’s NOT his, and then she won’t be able to bleed him for child support!

#6 onyx on 10.13.07 at 6:28 am

Eddie murphy is a pig.. since he picked up that transsexual years ago talking about he was giving her a ride home YEAH RIGHT its been known he loves transsexuals. His ex wife looks like one, scary spice looks like one probably the girl Hess “supposedly dating” looks like one too. Hess a pig never will change i boycott everything he does there is no excuse for being disgusting like that no matter how much money you make..

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