Britney’s First Husband Speaks!

Britney Spears Divorce Jason Alexander

Britney’s first husband (they were married for 55 hours), Jason Alexander, has spoken out about Brit’s divorce announcement…and it seems like the Louisiana native still has a soft spot for his former flame, admitting he ‘still loved her.’

Alexander told EXTRA, that he ‘didn’t hate the guy (K-Fed)..he justmade an idiot of himself. (True..Double True!) He also goes on to say that although he’s not sure ifKevin marriedBrit for the money..he sure didn’t have a hard time spending it.

Jason Alexander finished up the interview byreaching out to Brit, “Give me a call. I’m a good guy to talk to … and I’m here for you.”.

P.S. Although Jason Alexander comes off as a good guy in this interview..he DID hook up with Shar Jackson (K-Fed’s Ex girlfriend) out of spite.


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#1 Gossip Pages » Quicklinks… on 11.11.06 at 9:17 am

[…] KFed an idiot…as said by Britneys first hubby (Hollywood HeartBreaker) […]

#2 kassidy and shianne on 08.01.07 at 10:12 am

brita ny should not of been stuck up and they would of been married longer and she shoutent of been cheeting on her husband i like britany but she acts afool and shaves her head and she was pretty

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