Does Kevin Federline really deserve his own bag of Doritos?

Britney’s First Husband Speaks!

Britney Spears is selling her Malibu Mansion!

Shanna to Paris: “You absolutely devasted me.”

Paris Hilton goes to the movies alone?

These pictures were taken of Paris Hilton entering a movie theatre alone. Paris Hilton alone? We don’t believe it. Either she’s dating a really small man (small enough to fit inside her Fendi purse) OR she’s meeting someone inside the theatre. Here are my guesses, K-Fed, Ryan Phillippe or Travis Barker…all newly single..and all looking […]

LindsayLohan: Jealous ex-girlfriend or true Mean Girl?

Calling someone a C U Next never a nice thing to do…but then again Lindsay Lohan doesn’t care about being nice…especially when it comes to Paris Hilton. A source tells Perez Hilton, “Things got really heated earlier this week when Lindsay freaked out on Paris at Hyde (a West Hollywood lounge),” says a source. […]

Guess who Ashlee Simpson was making out with…

Things apparently got hot and heavy at the Genetic Denim 1 year anniversary..Ashlee Simpson got caught making out with………. HERSELF! Check out the lipstick on her chin!

Britney is heading to Miami…