Does Kevin Federline really deserve his own bag of Doritos?

    With nothing but lackluster ticket sales (er…more like ticket giveaways) has Kevin Federline really earned the items placed on his concert rider? Hell NO! The Smoking Gun was able to get a copy of Kevin Federline’s concert demands (aka. the rider). Amongst the wanna be rapper’s requests are: Doritos (Cool Ranch Or Regular)

Britney’s First Husband Speaks!

     Britney’s first husband (they were married for 55 hours), Jason Alexander, has spoken out about Brit’s divorce announcement…and it seems like the Louisiana native still has a soft spot for his former flame, admitting he ‘still loved her.’ Alexander told EXTRA, that he ‘didn’t hate the guy (K-Fed)..he just made an idiot of himself. […]

Britney Spears is selling her Malibu Mansion!

  Britney is cleaning house! First ,she dumped hubby, Kevin Federline on Tuesday (via text message…totally 21st century style) and now reports are rampant that the ‘Oops I did it again’ singer is selling the mansion she currently shared with K-Fed. The New York Post reports that she has put her Malibu Mansion on the […]

Shanna to Paris: “You absolutely devasted me.”

Shanna Moakler sat down with Extra this week and opened up about her life and impending divorce from +44 drummer, Travis Barker. Shanna admits that their marital problems began during the filming of their reality series, “Meet the Barkers”. The constant presence of the cameras really took a toll on their relationship. “We wouldn’t have […]

Paris Hilton goes to the movies alone?

These pictures were taken of Paris Hilton entering a movie theatre alone. Paris Hilton alone? We don’t believe it. Either she’s dating a really small man (small enough to fit inside her Fendi purse) OR she’s meeting someone inside the theatre. Here are my guesses, K-Fed, Ryan Phillippe or Travis Barker…all newly single..and all looking […]

Lindsay Lohan: Jealous ex-girlfriend or true Mean Girl?

Calling someone a C U Next never a nice thing to do…but then again Lindsay Lohan doesn’t care about being nice…especially when it comes to Paris Hilton. A source tells Perez Hilton, “Things got really heated earlier this week when Lindsay freaked out on Paris at Hyde (a West Hollywood lounge),” says a source. […]

Guess who Ashlee Simpson was making out with…

Things apparently got hot and heavy at the Genetic Denim 1 year anniversary..Ashlee Simpson got caught making out with………. HERSELF! Check out the lipstick on her chin!

Britney is heading to Miami…

Good Morning Y’all and welcome to the Britney Channel, where we give you up-to-the-second global tracking (Thank you Google Maps!) of America’s pop queen, Britney Spears. Ms. Spears is seen here heading out of the Sony Building in NYC. The sassy soon-to-be single is rumored to be putting down some serious tracks for an upcoming album. She […]