Okay..the pompom was cute for like a minute…

Britney Spears Divorce

Britney Spears Divorce 2006

B. Spears was seen out yesterday, the day after her huge divorce announcement, sporting a little pompom hat, unkempt hair and a simple black dress. The pompom was cute for skating…but not this outfit..what do you think?

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#1 Danielle on 11.09.06 at 9:45 am

Are we kidding, Brit? Look, you’re looking pretty hot now that you’ve lost your baby weight and your loser husband. However, lets go over some key things that one should do befoe you leave the house. First, wash and brush your hair. Make your hair and face look presentable. Look at your outfit in the mirror. You will be photographed. DRESS LIKE IT!

#2 Kyle on 11.09.06 at 9:50 am

You can totally see her nip through the dress. She needs a bra or those puppies will be at her knees soon.

#3 amyblue on 11.09.06 at 10:24 am

bra. bra. bra.

this was the outfit she just wore on letterman, isn’t it?

#4 Kaitlyn on 11.09.06 at 1:19 pm

The hat was very cute with the sweater. They went together well. Both casual. The black dress is not cas & the hat is. Not a good mix.

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