Britney & K-Fed Divorce: People Magazine

Lindsay Lohan is clueless…

Where has Lindsay Lohan been for the past couple of days? Under a rock, in a cave, passed out from a heavy night of binge drinking and blowing lines? I don’t know about you..but I can’t go anywhere, watch anything, or even listen to the radio without hearing about Britney Spears & Kevin […]

Shar Jackson speaks out about Britney & K-Fed’s divorce..

Shar Jackson, ex-girlfriend and baby mamma to Kevin Federline told UsWeekly:” I hope that they are mature enough to realize that their differences come second to the needs of their children and that it is no longer about them as individuals, but about maintaining a healthy friendship/relationship for the sake of their children.” […]

Christie Brinkley & Peter Cook Meet in Court…

What had the makings of a terribly messy divorce has turned into an amicable situation between Christie Brinkley and her former philandering husband, Peter Cook. The two met in a Suffolk County courtroom today to come to an agreementconcerning visitation rights for Peter. It seems that Brinkley and Cook were able to agree […]

K-Fed: Bills, Bills, Bills,

Shortly, K-Fed will be back to his old way of life…partying, knocking up random chicks, and failing to pay the bills. Yes, it’s true. Pre-Britney, Kevin had a hard time keeping his lack of funds in order. And the proof is on Ebay! Check out this auction for a bounced check from Kevin […]

David Silver is getting married…

Hollywood Heartbreaker is hot the path of Brian Austin Green & girlfriend, Megan Fox. Last week we caught the frisky lovebirds sporting what looked like wedding rings on their appropriate fingers. Today, Green confesses to UsWeekly that he has indeed proposed to 19 year-old girlfriend, Megan Fox and the two plan to marry soon..perhaps even […]

Britney Spears is giving it all away..

What is Britney Spears doing to keep Kevin Federline from getting evenmore of her money? Find out after the cut:

Nick Lachey and the Snickers Bar…

After two years of marriage to Jessica Simpson and one year as a single man, Nick Lachey finally gets some ‘satisfaction‘ with the help of a Snickers Bar Birthday Cake. Today is Nick’s 33rd Birthday.

Lindsay Lohan actually turns someone down?

Word on the street is that British Superstar, Robbie Williams was looking for some tail when he hit the nightclub Hyde this past week. Witnessess say Williams was ‘hitting on every girl in sight’ and when he made a play for Linds Lo he got rejected..BIG TIME! The randy rocker went up to Linds and […]

Okay..the pompom was cute for like a minute…

B. Spears was seen out yesterday, the day after her huge divorce announcement, sporting a little pompom hat, unkempt hair and a simple black dress. The pompom was cute for skating…but not this outfit..what do you think?