Justin Timberlake reacts to Britney Spears Divorce News

Justin Timberlake reacts to britney divorce news

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#1 Blair on 11.08.06 at 10:08 am

Wouldn’t it be cute if they got back together.

#2 HHFanatic on 11.08.06 at 12:36 pm

I want Justin and Britney back together! They are so cute together!

#3 Kaitlyn on 11.08.06 at 12:38 pm

Me too!

#4 newly on 12.30.06 at 2:17 pm

me too I want justin and britney together but she must and I say must stop going around with paris and doing the crazy girl and leaving her children at home she’s being so imature right now she’s such a sweet girl with a lot of talent and is wasting herself what a pity!! hope the best for her….

#5 Sheila Marie D. Titong on 01.21.07 at 8:04 pm

I wish they got back together. Or at least work together in Britney’s next album. A duet…Pls. JIVE records grant us our wish. Thank’s!

#6 B&JTfan on 05.06.07 at 5:13 am

i hope the do get back 2gether coz they are just so right for each other.

#7 leonie on 10.30.07 at 6:56 am

i want britney and justin they made for each other

#8 Anne-Marie R. on 12.04.07 at 9:11 am

You are very cute Justin Timberlake

#9 Anne-Marie R. on 12.04.07 at 9:13 am

Yeah Man….Why are Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake not together anymore. gez.

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