Thursday, November 9, 2006

Which divorce will provide us with the most drama? Whitney & Bobby's Paul McCartney & Heather Mills Britney & K-Fed Create Free Polls

K-Fed, You Better Lose Yourself in the Music…

Ugh! I admit..I was starting to feel bad for America’s Most Hated Kevin Federline today. I was sure the kid was going to go on suicide watch with his marriage, career and self-esteem down the drain. Unfortunately, I was wrong. The brazen FED-EX (as he’s been deemed by the blogosphere) continued to ‘popozao’ the crowd […]

Reese Witherspoon finally files for divorce..

With all the media frenzy surrounding Britney Spears’ divorce news, Reese Witherspoon decided it would be a good time to sneak in her divorce papers. The “Walk the Line” actress is seeking joint custody of their two children, Ava and Deacon. She also is asking for “exlusive use to the couple’s home”. Check out the […]

K-Fed Responds: Wants the kids!

Papers filed today by Kevin Federline’s lawyer reveal that the wanna be rapper is asking for sole legal and physical custody of the couples two children, Sean Preston & Jayden James Federline. Check out the documents: HERE IT’S GOING TO GET UGGGGLLLYY!

Nicole Richie needs a boyfriend…

…she’s starting to look like her cat!

Wednesday, November 8th, 2006

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‘The Office’ Fans: Pay Attention!

I am a huge ‘The Office’ fan. Big. Huge. Ginormous fan. I want to put Steve Carrell in my pocket, make out with John Krasinski and be best friends with Jenna Fischer. Is that too much to ask? Anyway..if you are fan..then you gotta read the press release which just came out..EXCITING! Full Press Release […]

Kate Hudson steps out…

Kate Hudson looks like she’s in a rush..she must’ve realized she forgot to put on her pants.

Rumsfeld breaks up with President Bush…

Britney & K-Fed: Dunzo and now Rumsfeld resigns…Has Hell Frozen Over? Read about Rumsfeld’s resignation after the cut:

K-Fed release sex tape as revenge?

Earlier this week a Los Angeles judge dismissed a $10 million lawsuit Britney Spears filed against Us Weekly, ruling that the singer cannot be defamed by published rumors that she and her husband, Kevin Federline, had made a sex tape and were worried about its release. Brit & K-Fed feared the release of a secret […]

Justin Timberlake reacts to Britney Spears Divorce News

Kevin Federline Album Sales: The results are in!

Kevin Federline’s debut album “Playing With Fire” sold a whopping 6,500 copies and debuted at #151 on the Billboard Chart. P.S. William Hung sold 37, 600 his first week. She Bangs!

November 8, 2006: Hump Day Hump-ables!

It’s WEDNESDAY..and you know what that’s time for Hump-Day Humpables! Clean off your glasses, wipe the drool from your lip, and sit back and enjoy Hollywood Heartbreaker’s Hump Day Hump-ables! In Honor of Britney’s break-Up with Kevin…let’s post some pics of the man she could’ve had… Justin performs on the German TV show, Wetten […]

Chris Rock NOT Divorcing…

Contrary to a report that Chris Rock had filed for divorce from his wife of 10 years, Malaak Compton-Rock, the comedian is not filing for divorce and is committed to keeping his family together. The actor and his wife had been talking to a lawyer about something…but not divorce. Phew! Source 

In NON Britney related news: Ryan Phillippe Speaks!

After keeping quiet about his impending divorce, Ryan Phillippe opened up to People Magazine in an exclusive interview. Here are some highlights: He DOES NOT DENY reports that he is seeing Abbie Cornish He admits that he is not perfect, but claims he is ‘not guilty’ of a lot of what he is accused of […]