Kristin Cavalleri: All is fair in Love & Laguna…

Kristin Cavalleri jason wahler

Seriously..those Laguna girls..need to get out more. Meet new people..something!

We all know that Lauren Conrad, (aka LC) is now dating Kristin Cavalleri’s ex-boyfriend Brody Jenner, right? Totally scandalous! Well in true Laguna spit-in-your-eye and stab-you-in- the-back style, Kristin has found a way to get even! She was seen hanging out with Lauren’s ex-boyfriend, Jason Wahler over the weekend. Wahler and Lauren broke up in August.

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#1 daniela on 12.17.06 at 5:18 am

hola kristin es lo mejor y lc kiere hacerce las mas linda pero no le llega ni alos talones a kristin da pena y aSCO

#2 daniela on 12.17.06 at 5:19 am


#3 Apple Jane on 01.03.07 at 2:09 pm

i dont think that kristin will go out with jason, remember when jason hooked up with jessica kristin really hates jason,…maybe she is just trying to be mean and also to get lauren hurt..i dont like her though

#4 Sarah (Ireland) on 06.17.07 at 10:23 am

I dont think its what it looks like!!! the papers always make up stories- they clearly know each other years and were prob meeting up for a drink or a chat!!! F**kin American Newspapers go mad on rumours does my head in!!!!!!!!

#5 brooke on 06.18.07 at 6:38 am

they are hott

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