Kevin Federline may fight for custody…

Kevin Federline Sean Preston

Reports claim that Kevin Federline may use a nasty child custody battle as leverage in the ironclad pre-nup agreement he signed prior to marrying Britney.

At first thought, it’s easy to dismiss that Kevin would EVER get custody..but further thought allows us to remember that Britney DID drive with Sean Preston on her lap, she DID wait a week before bringing him to the hospital after a nasty fall and she DID drive with Sean in a covertible with the top down and Sean P poorly restrained. It’s a scary thought.

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#1 amyblue on 11.08.06 at 3:20 am

it’s a tough call, but i think she hasn’t endangered any children LATELY. he, meanwhile, has no source of income (after her 30K a month runs out) and is fathering children all over town.

#2 Nikki on 11.08.06 at 3:58 am

Definitely Brit should have custody. He’s never around as it is.

#3 Chanel on 11.08.06 at 4:34 am

She didn’t take Sean to the hospital for a week but neither did Kevin. So that doesn’t really fall all on her. Shouldn’t be hard to prove that he’s out partying all the time and atleast she is at home with them (with the help of nannies).

#4 Angie on 11.08.06 at 6:58 am

Britney all the way. He does nothing but party while she’s home caring for her sons. As a mother myself of a 10 month old, I sure as heck know NO MOTHER is perfect. But I think she’s learned from her mistakes.

#5 Kaitlyn on 11.08.06 at 12:44 pm

Britney. Not that I agree with driving with your baby on your lap, but a lot of ppl have done it. She’s not the first. As for Sean being in the car seat with his had hanging over, that happened to my son a lot when he was an infant. But in all fairness he should have been in a smaller car seat. All accidents aside you can see how much she loves her kids. She’s there for them a lot more then Kevin is. He lacks some serious common sense.

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