Kevin Federline: Do I hear that Daniel Powter song playing in the background?

Kevin Federline Divorce

Poor Kevin..he’s having a bad day week life.

He was booed during a brief appearance at the annual Halloween Carnival in West Hollywood.

He was booed at a World Wrestling Entertainment match in L.A.

He reportedly had to beg concert organizers from canceling his concert in New York City club after only selling 300 tickets

His shows at the House of Blues in Cleveland and Atlantic City were cancelled.

AND he reportedly found out about his impending divorce from a text message he received during a television interview with Much Music.

It’s gotta suck to be Kevin Federline today.

Send him your sympathies in the comments section!

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#1 Honey on 11.07.06 at 10:09 pm

good luck with that rap career B**CH!
This talentless loser thinks way too highly of himself. He’s gonna realize that the only reason he got ANY attention from the media was for being Britney Spears husband, and that’s it. He will never be a successful rapper or actor or wrestler or anything else. Maybe now he will wake up to reality and figure out that he’s nothing more then a joke to the media and everyone else in the world. Clown.

#2 Alix on 11.07.06 at 10:53 pm

You can always sell sperm!

#3 amyblue on 11.08.06 at 3:19 am

can’t wait to see you on surreal life!

#4 Sam the (wo)man on 11.08.06 at 9:26 am

I believe the infamous quote from Office Space suits him well…

“No Talent Ass Clown”

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