Is Kevin Federline delusional or just a liar?

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#1 Honey on 11.07.06 at 10:50 pm

Britney -WAS- his only fan. He’s so stupid. Can he even form a sentence without saying “Like”, “it’s like” or “you know.”

#2 amyblue on 11.08.06 at 3:23 am

is it wrong that i enjoyed seeing the look on his face when he was getting those text messages?

#3 DavesGirl on 11.08.06 at 3:51 am

It almost seems like he had no idea she was going to do it. Way to go Brit, sneak it up on the loser.

#4 Video: Kevin Federline Dumped via Text Messaging? - from The Zero Boss by Jay Andrew Allen on 11.08.06 at 5:25 am

[…] Enough of this election crap – let’s get back to the good stuff! From Hollywood Heartbreak comes a video that accomplishes the impossible: it makes me feel sorry for Kevin Federline. It appears that Britney dumped him via text messaging while he was in the middle of a day-long TV shoot. britney. Girl. That’s raw. If you’re going to kick him in the balls (which you should have done ages ago), at least have the courtesy to do it to his face. […]

#5 Katie on 11.08.06 at 5:33 am

Now that’s television!!

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