Britney Spears & Kevin Federline Pre-Nup Details…

Kevin Federline divorce prenupAre y’all sick of all this Britney & Kevin Divorce DRAMARAMA yet? Me NEITHER!

Let’s move on to the Pre-Nup details..shall we.

The good news is that Britney & Kevin had a pre-nup! (Sorry Reese!)

The bad news is that K-Fed will actually get some of Brit’s cashola:

Here are some of the supposed Pre-Nup Deets!

The Malibu mansion that they share will be split

She will continue to support him: $30,000/ month for 1/2 the time that they were married

Any monies earned by Britney Spears prior to becoming Ms. Federline will not be touched by Kevin


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#1 Hollywood Heartbreaker - Celebrity Divorce, Break-Ups,Shake-Ups & Scandals on 11.07.06 at 1:39 pm

[…] Click Here to see some supposed Pre-Nup Details […]

#2 Maximum Big Surprise on 11.07.06 at 2:44 pm

Smart girl for having a pre-nup!

#3 Kaitlyn on 11.07.06 at 3:58 pm

Damn smart!

#4 amyblue on 11.07.06 at 4:09 pm

smart mom, but at least she listened to her. i don’t think he deserves any spousal support.

#5 Anon on 11.07.06 at 9:07 pm

Damn, I wouldn’t know what to do with $30,000/month. I can’t even fathom having that much $$$. Oh…A girl can only dream.

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