Jesse McCartney caught in a smooch…

Jesse McCartney

Despite trying to keep their romance out of the press, teeny bopper singer, Jesse McCartney and girlfriend, Katie Cassidy share a kiss at LAX airport.

(<--Insert the sound of 1,000 Disney watching teenage girls sigh-->)


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#1 lucy on 11.16.06 at 8:56 am

awww, very sweet.i hope that they are really happy together

#2 brittany rettig on 11.24.06 at 6:14 pm

how could Jessie do this he made out with me how could he make out with that slut.

#3 mary on 11.26.06 at 7:28 am

i wish that that was me! this is so not fair.

#4 brianna on 12.02.06 at 5:51 pm

i cant belive you i loved you forever utill you made out with that slut !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#5 rebecca on 12.10.06 at 10:48 am

oh, my god! i thought you were mine and now youre making out with that awful slut! Katie, i hope you get seduced and raped! good luck with you “boyfriend”

#6 jamiebaumann on 12.12.06 at 2:16 pm

awww, u are made for each other

#7 Meagan on 12.22.06 at 12:54 am

i hope those 2 r very happy together, even though i wish that was me he was kissing!!!!

#8 fie on 12.28.06 at 5:21 am

that is so not cute katie is to old for jesse.I don`t say dis becous i like jesse i just think se don`t desurv him by love you jesse

#9 jessica on 12.28.06 at 5:27 am

jesse how can tou do that to me ?? that slut katie is so mean i just hate her evrybody how hate katie is great hahah


#10 Avery P. on 02.01.07 at 5:42 pm

I want to kiss you

#11 Av on 02.02.07 at 2:18 am

hey ..i’m happy 4 them both.why don’t you ppl leave them alone it’s their life and he loves her.they both love each other.i hope there relation ship will go on great.

#12 Me on 02.07.07 at 8:35 pm

WOW. 8 l
Some people need a life. How are you going to call her a slut and you don’t even know her?

#13 Jessica on 02.07.07 at 10:38 pm

wow those 2 r made for each other and happy for them n hope i will be as happy as them 1 day. even though im jealous
love u jesse

#14 samantha on 02.11.07 at 5:51 am

omg they look so right for each other and u people need a life its not like ur ever going to get a chance with him lol if hes in love with soneone and there together u should just respect that……jesse dont mind these people forget them lol there not the fans u want if there not going to respect your relationship and how u go out with they just want it to be them and there just jelous caouse its not the lol

#15 izzy on 02.12.07 at 6:56 am

i hate katie cassidy she is EVIL and UGLY. she thinks everyone is her fan when people only know that she exists because her dad is “famous”, it should do be me kissing him!!!

#16 angelina on 02.12.07 at 12:36 pm

As much as I LOVE Jesse McCartney they look happy. so why dosen’t everyone leave him he is in love so let him be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE U Jesse McCartney!!!!!!!I wish i was Katie right about now.Good job at getting that smooch Jesse good luck with your love life and music life love angelina

#17 SARAH JANE on 02.20.07 at 12:42 am

hey…… jesses mccartneys number 1 fan….i dont care wot other people say…………….HE ROCKS…

l8r xxxx

#18 moya yang on 02.22.07 at 4:16 am

hi jesse, i am happy for you although u i love you,i know i am not suppose to tell u this but i will say it infront of everyone there i love you as much as katie love you i alway wanna reach u someday and i hope that i can reach u someday no matter if u marry katie cassidy or what.i will have faith in me to met moya

#19 bre on 03.09.07 at 11:17 am

jesse you know i lov ya and your songs to i don’t care who you go out with but next time don’t but it on the net b/c you make some really HOT!girls really really angry and some people hate you for that well i dont it’s your life do what you want with it just don’t put it on the net and make girls sad and call your girlfriend a slut well i’m the one you really want i will never cheat on you and i will lov you the same even if you don’t lov me;.

well,this should make you happy i’m drawing you in art class and you still look HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with a capital HOT.well,i won’t be mad at you but if you really read these you should really think about what you but on the net and you shoud read these well


#20 Emily on 03.12.07 at 9:21 pm

aww im so sad! i love jesse.. im so upset. but im happy for him. i love jesse as much as katie does, more even, and i will never give up hope that i will meet him someday.

true quote:
“the hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else”
so true, its hard for me to watch jesse love katie.

just so you know, this feelings taking control of me, and i cant help it
i wont sit around, i cant let *her* win now.
thought you should know, i’ve tried my best to let go of you, but i dont want to.
just gotta say it all before i go, just so you know.


#21 unknown on 04.09.07 at 9:08 pm

hey ummm….
yea hi jesse and katie… I LUV UR SONGS JESSE!!!

i just wanna say jesse tho ur hot peple on this site…need 2 get a LIFE! I mean seriously, wat r da odds of 1 of us meetin jesse??? So plz go home and continue wit ur life and leave famouse peple alone…and let them live their own life for goodness sake!!!!!


#22 haley on 04.14.07 at 2:10 am

hey thats not fair how could he do this to me. but who am i to judge as long as he’s happy im sure we all want that for him. AND I STILL LLLOOOVVVEEE HIM…..

#23 nessa on 04.26.07 at 8:17 am

Hey Jesse, a lot of these girls like you, Im happy you have a girlfriend and dont listen to these girls. They are just jelouse. Im not saying I wouldnt want a kiss either but Im a dorky teenager that just turned into one. Let me know when you are free! :)

#24 natalie on 05.10.07 at 8:01 am

i wonder if they r really engaged

#25 allison on 05.14.07 at 4:52 pm

hey u guys rock!!!!!!!!!! but damn u dont noe how to kiss do u jesse

#26 Aj on 05.21.07 at 8:20 am

Hey there Jesse! I just wanna say I LUUUUUUV YOUR NEW ALBUM! IT’S SO AWESOME! I think that Katie is a nice girl but you’re better off with someone else such as hilary duff, Jojo and more famous and cute girls like them. And I have some questions and if you could contact me and reply:
*When is Keith going to be in theatres and what is it about anyway?
*Did u really cheat on Hilary Duff?
*Are you going to release a new album?
*Do you know Lincin Park? They’re so awesome!!
*Are you a friend of zac efron?
and that’s it.
plzz contact me:

#27 °°°Kis..@..I love Jesse°°° on 05.28.07 at 3:18 am

Hi guyz! How are you? I think that Jesse and Katie are sooooooooo beautiful and sooooooo sweet!
They are the mostes of LOVEBIRDS in the wordl!!!!!!!!
Katie Cassidy is NO a bitch……cuz…….

SHE’S NO YOU (bye Jesse :P )


#28 jj on 06.14.07 at 8:37 am

omg!!! how sweet!!
i hate all the people who starts those nasty roumors about jesse and katie!!
why can’t people just be happy for him. if they where true fans they would be happy.

good luck with everything katie and jesse !
p.s katie is NOT a slut or bitch or anything bad, she is so cool and so is jesse

#29 Mariana on 06.25.07 at 10:12 am

i have my heart breraker Jesse McCartney i hate you Jesse McCartney

#30 kaylea on 07.01.07 at 3:32 pm

fuck bitchs, you guys are seriously demented. seriously, perics of shit.
a) jmac and ktcass don’t go on sites like these, so stop going “Jesse i love your songs!”
b) fucking give them their space, please.
c) katie isn’t a slut, you’re just jealous of her.
d) you don’t have a chance with jesse even though they broke up, and i’m not saying that i do. i don’t either. but fucking drop it.
e) even if ktcass was a slut, if she makes jmac happy, you should shut your mouth.
f) seriously, stop nosing into places where you aren’t wanted.

#31 faith on 07.05.07 at 6:50 pm

hey i think thats gross but i don’t care cause i reseached and found out that they broke up this is what he said ” well i have’nt unfolded this part of my life yet but for the last three or four i’m officially a single man. take katie cassidy. I used to hate not anymore though cause your not with him.

#32 faith on 07.05.07 at 6:54 pm

i basically mean he’s a sinlg man it was on a live video on utube so go girls look for it. hurry watch it and rejoice he’s a free man he’s single right now.

#33 dinah on 07.06.07 at 5:37 pm

hey jesse u are so y are u wit her

#34 Serena on 07.10.07 at 8:22 am

wel deres been rumours dat he’s proposd 2 her, dno if dere real but it came frm a reliable source frm 1 of katiues frends of “the hills” or sumtin-dno. It’s kinda weird tho, she must b reli nice 4 Jesse 2 like her so im hapy 4 dem even tho it’ll murder me inside 2 c him wit her LOL :P Dey don’t reli LOOK gd 2getha, I no u shudnt judge dem liek dat but she looks like his sista! N she’s always wearin heels n looks a lil taler dan him. I’m not sayin i dnt like Katie cuz well i dnt reli no her, dnt tink any1 frm da uk duz anyway! If da rumours r true get redi 1 deal wit da heartache gals. I’LL STIL LUV HIM THO XXX

#35 jesse on 07.10.07 at 2:56 pm

your hot

#36 jj on 07.13.07 at 11:11 am

omg!! jesse i feel soo sorry i thought you and katie were gonna last.
i thought you were so cute together

#37 canady on 07.15.07 at 4:11 pm

i love jesse and katie 2gether and the ppl that r calling her mean namez need 2 quit put urself in her place how would u feel i mean every girl wishez 2 be jessez girl friend but face it people it will never happen u will find the right man for u and jesse has found the right girl 4 him so i am perfectly fi with it i love jesse as much as anyother girl doez and katie has NOT done anything wrong so i think they dezerv eatch other love u jesse and katie xoxoxoxox peace out= P

#38 MeLAnIe on 07.17.07 at 1:33 pm

aw how cute i love love them together i love u jesse mccartney your amazing i saw him in concert july 7th at westbury ny i was in the 6th row ;]! i saw him so closeee he looked beautiful ;] i wish i could meet him i couldint get vip passes they where to much money and all bocked uggg …. jesse and katie are the best to bad they broke up ;[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

#39 jesse's new girl on 07.17.07 at 2:46 pm

you guys get over it they broke up people have been saying this for weeks plus he was alredy broken up with and they said it was cause katie cheated on him so i don’t feel bed at all. I’m not supposed to say this but jesse and i have been going out on dates i have been to his house and its so cool it’s a condo.I also slept ovber but not for that it was cause we had gotten bac from the club late with his friends they were all drunk so we all went bac their so we could all be safe we don’t need jesse going to jail like paris hilton. Anyway comment bec cause we have talked and i know things he has not told magiznes.

#40 Suzi on 07.19.07 at 1:35 am

MAN he’s hot… he deserves a hottie like me ;)

#41 luckii on 07.20.07 at 1:53 pm

katie iz a slut datz all ii hav 2 saii

#42 hi on 07.21.07 at 9:29 am

im so happy for him good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#43 jesse mccartney's no.1 fan on 07.23.07 at 2:08 am

i love jesse mccartney. i think they r d best couple in d world. they r so cool. hope they r very happy and i wish them luck for the future.

jesse pls come to malta… from jmac’s no.1 fan

#44 crissy on 07.25.07 at 9:36 am

you guys are so cool the way you lovejesse. my parents love criss angel and since our last name is angel when i was born they named me crissy. i met him at vegas and he is really nice and thought it was coll that my parents named me after him. so anyway i am kinda like him, ihave brown hair though but i am 12 adn going to seventh grade soon.i chat with criss a lot so if you want toi can give you his e mail. if your a fan of course.oh and i live in bye.

ps if you want ot be my friend like on this site then write me back on this site. but i will not give you my e mail or anything and i do not want you to either .and if criss angel comes to this site-doubt it- then write me because im getting a new e mail adress and i havny thought of yet so its not working now.bye!

#45 UNKNOWN on 07.29.07 at 3:32 am

WAT IS WIT U PEPLE??!! heaps and heaps of u rr all like “i LOVE U SO MUCH AND ONE DAII I WILL MARRY U NO MATTER WAT, EVEN DAT GAL U KISSED” i cnt believe u peple…



thats all i need 2 sayy,, btw ur prob thinkin dat im a loser and dat I DNT LOVE JESSE~ bt i actualli do,, bt im nt dat obssessed,, i jst like his songs and think he’s hot,, bt as if da peple here will eva meet up- mayb see- or actualli MARRY jesse! also GO U peple DAT THINK HE LOOKS HAPPY!! coz rememba IT IS HIS yes dats rite HIS LIFE NT URS!

so plz

do us all a favour and go on wit wateva lives u hve !

dat is all

#46 katie014 on 07.29.07 at 12:15 pm

katie makes me so dam sick i should kick her ass 4 kissing my man when i find her just watch i will tell her a few things about her stank stutish ass. before she wet with jesse she went with a man 26 years older than her, her stank ass. jesse should just leave her that stank booty ass. that stank no booty ass hoe.

#47 ashley on 07.29.07 at 12:39 pm

why r all of u people so mean if jesse mccartney wants to go out with kattie dont say bad stuff about her you guys just hate her b cuz you guys r jealous and u will never meet him….. visit our web at http://jewlezband.blogspot

#48 katie014 on 08.04.07 at 5:15 pm

Ashley u can kiss my ass cuz i text jesse 24/7 and he said that i was the one that he wanted to kiss and friday night we are going on a date while katie is in hawii

#49 breanna on 08.04.07 at 5:23 pm

katie014 u should not be hating on jesse u should be wishing the best 4 him if u like him that much. i know how u feel because im jealous 2 but u cant be hating on him like that.

#50 sweet-girl on 08.05.07 at 10:37 pm

you`re so fine with katie cassidy
i wish the best for you
love your biggest fan

#51 sweet-girl on 08.05.07 at 10:45 pm

jesse i think i`m jealous…………i love you so much………………..i really love you…………….!!!!!!!!

#52 bubbles on 08.06.07 at 4:51 am

sweet girl i totally agree with u but u sound like a total ass

#53 sweet-girl on 08.06.07 at 9:07 pm

….ou really bubbles??? i don`t care for the things that you say….!!!!!!!!!!! ok????

#54 sweet-girl on 08.06.07 at 9:13 pm

i sad “jesse i think im jealous“ because i love him so much but i want for him the best so i sad “you`re so fine with katie cassidy“.

#55 candy... on 08.07.07 at 5:41 am

hey jesse i love u…………!!!!

#56 sugar on 08.07.07 at 5:45 am

jmac i love your music………and u………..!

#57 jj on 08.07.07 at 9:55 am

why do you guys fight over who jesse goes out with??
there’s no point! i heard that him and Katie broke up and i feel sorry for him cause i thought they were a great couple and i bet all of his so called “fans” didn’t make him feel any better the fact they were slaggin off him and his girl!
im sure katie is a nice person!

#58 ina on 08.14.07 at 4:43 am

you`re right jj. i don`t think jesse and katie will broke-up…..they love each-other…………and it`s true that katie is a nice peson!!!!!

#59 jj on 08.15.07 at 10:09 am

hey thanks ina!
i hear that he told trl- italy he was single and it suks! i hope some of these people will give him a break and stop saying the h8 him jst coz he went out wit katie

#60 jordypopz on 08.15.07 at 10:36 pm

I wish peepz wd just leave Jesse alone, his relationships are his choices, not urz, get ovr it, seriously. i agree with jj

#61 inlov3withhIm on 08.23.07 at 9:59 am

guys get over it! if jesse is in love with katie or not, it is none of yourr buisness! leave them alone! i

#62 lucy on 09.11.07 at 9:51 am

jesse i love u
but i think that katie is just using u i don’t thint that she even loves u at all just using u fir your money so dump that slut but i also think that the kiss was really cute

#63 ina on 09.11.07 at 8:59 pm

why are you guys doing this???? why do you hate katie?????i think she is a nice person………and if jesse leave her he will be sad………don`t you think about it?????????????

#64 ina on 09.28.07 at 4:57 am

girls…..listen i got news about jesse and i listen that he have another girlfriend right now named FATIMA…..what is this? i thought that he will stay with katie…..he is crazy and i`m going crazy too….plzz reply…..

#65 sabrine on 11.06.07 at 12:28 am

jesse nn ne l’enbrace pas lol je t’aime tu est sexy et manifique tu est trop beau jtd jtm lol tu est a moi je t’aime

#66 ina on 11.09.07 at 5:19 am

i love you jesse mccartney……………..i love you so so so so so so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#67 krunali on 12.02.07 at 11:26 am

u the beast love ur body when ripped shirt

#68 shay on 12.13.07 at 10:54 am

how could u i wish that was me in stead of that sluty girl but u know what i still love u ok

#69 sugar cups on 12.13.07 at 11:00 am

oh jesse u are so freaking sexy in hot in one day we will have babys alot of them trust me on that i dont care about that pic because am going to be your future wife so it doesnt matter. i cant wairt untill we get married i luv u and i will never stop never in the bed i mean kiss kiss

#70 Kawon Truit on 12.27.07 at 6:21 am

How dear you people Jesse needs to be left a lone which means all the people calling Katie a slut are just mean. If that was me I would band any one who has called Katie a slut. Shes just fine and Im a Jesse fan 2 but I don’t hate them being together if thats what Jesse wants then leave them alone and stop calling Katie a slut its not nice. Some of you people think hes gone out with you I know from a fact that no one other then Katie Cassidy is goindg out with Jesse leave those 2 alone if you don’t I will talking 2 Jesse’s mannger if any of you have a problem with that 2 bad it’s over calling Katie a slut she’s pretty and their meat 2 be.

#71 musicfreak on 01.06.08 at 10:11 pm

how i wish that was me ;) lol.. i really like jesse mccartney..
he was so cute and katie was really lucky to have jesse :)

#72 I`m jesse`s next girlfriend. Any Question??? on 01.08.08 at 5:01 am

hey jesse i love you baby and no matter what you will be mine. i`m sure that you will like me and we`ll live so happy together…..i know were can i meet you so i`m going there next week…..and we`ll be together___ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i`m your girlfriend, i`m your girlfriend…`ll see tht you will be mine because you `ll like me, you`ll fall in love and i`m so sure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#73 ina on 01.08.08 at 5:08 am

jesse i totally love you babe…………..totaly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#74 ina on 01.08.08 at 5:10 am

i`m crazy in love!!!!!

#75 Mads on 01.08.08 at 6:39 am

Wow..Those of you insulting the happy couple…PLEASE get lives. Everyone on this planet is entitled to his or her happiness, and relationships. So, I think that you should get your own and don’t dis people you don’t know. And stop calling her a slut. Unless she’s spotted smooching another guy while she’s with Jesse, she fine as far as the term goes.

#76 Kawon Truit on 01.12.08 at 5:22 pm

Jesse and Katie are meant 2 b leave them alone

#77 jesse`s cute girl on 01.15.08 at 11:19 am

i love jesse and i`ll do anything to meet him. now he is single cuz he broke-up with katie and will be totally mine!!!!!!!!!!!

#78 INA on 01.17.08 at 5:12 am

i love you jesse!!!!! 4ever!!!!!! together!!!!!!!!

#79 ina on 01.20.08 at 7:52 am

jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiisssssssssssssssss soooooooo hhhhhhhhooooooootttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#80 login on 01.20.08 at 10:47 am

Wonderful web site, was very useful. Lovely touch having this guestbook. Thanks

#81 Ida on 01.21.08 at 6:01 am

Ohh, I wish It was me he kissing. I hate see pictures when Jesse kiss anyone. I have like him for like forever. I just Love him <3

#82 ina on 01.21.08 at 10:00 pm

i love you jesse more than anything else…

#83 ina on 01.21.08 at 10:02 pm

i love you jesse more than anything else…kisses

#84 jj on 01.22.08 at 6:32 am

man some of you guys are really shallow. so what if Jesse dated Katie. it hasn’t got anything to do with you. all you people that slag him off should be very ashamed of your selves, it’s his life and you should support him not bring him down!

good luck with everything and don’t let people get you down!

peace out x

#85 applebottomjeansbootswiththefurthewholeclubwaslookingathershehithefloorshortygotlowlowlowlowlowlowlowlow on 01.24.08 at 7:01 pm

they broke up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dont care who he dates.
why should you.

#86 sweet girl on 01.31.08 at 8:45 am

what do you girls want? we`re his fans. any problem? just stop talking …..blablablablabala!

#87 Ida on 02.05.08 at 8:55 am

Oooh Jesse, you’re so qute, I really Love you <‘333

#88 ina on 02.07.08 at 4:58 am

jesse- totally sweet and totally mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#89 -Forever- on 04.13.08 at 6:14 am

Jesse And Katie are so good together…They don’t Need somethin’…it’s so…so…so…Sweet!<3

#90 ina on 06.16.08 at 2:09 am

jesse has a new girlfriend, man shes 35, oh god…

#91 Knt on 06.19.08 at 10:55 am

Leave Jesse alone though Katie is a mess up girl the picture her hair doesn’t even looked brushed sorry Jesse but you could meet others girls who are way better then that girl at the airports.

#92 ina on 06.20.08 at 3:32 am

Knt what r u talking about?? i`m saying that jesse has a new girlfriend and she`s not katie….beside she`s 14 years bigger than jesse…

#93 -dreamer- on 06.22.08 at 2:49 am

oh wow he has a girlfriend who is 14 years older…..
big whoop!

who cares how old she is? it shouldn’t matter as long as they are happy together.

it is a shame that him and kaite broke up, i thought they would last but hey, the world keeps spinning….

i hope Jesse is very happy with his new girlfriend.

#94 -dreamer- on 06.22.08 at 2:53 am

i didn’t mean for that last comment to sound so harsh but seriously people get over it

#95 ina on 06.23.08 at 3:57 am

we`re his fans and if we wouldn`t talk about him, who will! anyway why do you guys care….we can do whatever we want so stop it!!!

#96 ina on 06.23.08 at 4:01 am

and how can you say : who cares how old is she?
are you ok MaN? no, sorry but belive me, i`m not understanding you… you think it`s everything ok if your boyfriend is 15 when you are 29???? you think you`re a good couple together???? well i don`t….and i`m free to say whatever i want…!

#97 -dreamer- on 06.23.08 at 5:01 am

the comment wasnt directed at you in anymeans i only said so that others would maybe stop taking it so seriously.

but gosh im sorry if i offended you.

#98 ina on 06.23.08 at 9:41 pm

no lol, it`s ok. i don`t know why i talked so bad…i`m really sorry!

#99 BojanaLoveJesse on 07.03.08 at 12:11 pm

I am not sorry that you guys broke up.. you are still single.. well stay single for 4 years.. i am coming :D

#100 Jen on 07.04.08 at 10:03 am

*Looks up*

You know, some of the comments on here are really mean. I know that Jesse and Katie aren’t together anymore, but I don’t understand why some people call themselves his fans and then call his girlfriend a slut just because they’re jelous – which is, let’s face it, the reason so many girls on here are so angry. Katie must have been a nice person for Jesse to love her, and it’s a real shame they broke up.

I can see why so many fans get upset when he has a girlfiend – I mean, even if I personally don’t find him attractive I’m not blind and I know he’s good looking – but if you’re in love with him as alot of you seem to claim, shouldn’t you be happy just to see him happy?

Oh, and one more thing. I noticed some comments on here which were really weird – like someone said they hoped Katie would be seduced and raped (Why would anyone wish something like that??) and also I think someone said they would kill themselves or serverely hurt themselves if Jesse didn’t love them – I think I saw that comment anyway. Right, let’s get one thing straight:

There’s a big difference between being a fan and being over obsessive.

I register as a fan, because even though I’m not attracted to Jesse, but I love his music and acting and he was brilliant at playing Roxas’ voice on Kingdom Hearts II.

And don’t get me wrong, most of the people here are fans.

But people who will go well out of their ways to find out every tiny piece of personal information about Jesse and who threaten severe death upon his future and past girlfriends… people who pretend that they’re good friends with him or used to date him even though they blatantly didn’t… I think that’s a little over the top. Don’t you?

=) I’m sorry if this comment insulted anyone, I tried to keep it as nice as I could whist getting my point across and I wasn’t aiming at anyone in paticular. I’m also sorry about how long this comment is :D

Jen x

#101 aRii on 07.06.08 at 3:04 am

Jesse Rocks! If you’re a fan of him just go to and cast your vote to jesse mccartney in the “Music” section… pls do!!

I wish he’d come 2 malta one day =[

x x x x

#102 knt on 10.08.08 at 12:37 pm

Hey people do you people know that Jesse was on Dancing with the stars along with the Jonas brothers

#103 Veronica on 01.05.13 at 11:41 pm

I think Jesse is VERY UGLY!! He looks really bad…Katie deserves soooo much better!!! Katie is really pretty and I also do think that she is a slut because she looks totally like a barbie…and girls who look perfect often have many sexual partners….katie has too many boyfriends !!! She is a slutty little barbie bitch and I dont think she loves him at all……She is also bisexual so she sleeps with every girl or guy she gets

#104 celia on 01.06.13 at 3:01 am

true that….She is a stupid SLUT who has sex with everyone…… .She is a whore bitch floozie slag slapper hooker hustler hoe prostitute ! !!!!

#105 cassandra on 01.06.13 at 3:13 am

I agree with all the comments….I love katie but she is a whore!!!!I have to admit she is super-pretty and she totally looks like a barbie because she is blonde skinnyand white with a really nice nose but perfect looking girls often have too many sexual partners…..Katie has too many boyfriends….jesse looks really bad andwhen katie wears heels she looks taller than him so they really look bad together…..JESSE is UGLY

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