Jesse McCartney caught in a smooch…

Jesse McCartney

Despite trying to keep their romance out of the press, teeny bopper singer, Jesse McCartney and girlfriend, Katie Cassidy share a kiss at LAX airport.

(<--Insert the sound of 1,000 Disney watching teenage girls sigh-->)


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#1 aRii on 07.06.08 at 3:04 am

Jesse Rocks! If you’re a fan of him just go to and cast your vote to jesse mccartney in the “Music” section… pls do!!

I wish he’d come 2 malta one day =[

x x x x

#2 knt on 10.08.08 at 12:37 pm

Hey people do you people know that Jesse was on Dancing with the stars along with the Jonas brothers

#3 Veronica on 01.05.13 at 11:41 pm

I think Jesse is VERY UGLY!! He looks really bad…Katie deserves soooo much better!!! Katie is really pretty and I also do think that she is a slut because she looks totally like a barbie…and girls who look perfect often have many sexual partners….katie has too many boyfriends !!! She is a slutty little barbie bitch and I dont think she loves him at all……She is also bisexual so she sleeps with every girl or guy she gets

#4 celia on 01.06.13 at 3:01 am

true that….She is a stupid SLUT who has sex with everyone…… .She is a whore bitch floozie slag slapper hooker hustler hoe prostitute ! !!!!

#5 cassandra on 01.06.13 at 3:13 am

I agree with all the comments….I love katie but she is a whore!!!!I have to admit she is super-pretty and she totally looks like a barbie because she is blonde skinnyand white with a really nice nose but perfect looking girls often have too many sexual partners…..Katie has too many boyfriends….jesse looks really bad andwhen katie wears heels she looks taller than him so they really look bad together…..JESSE is UGLY

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