Nicky Hilton doesn’t mind sloppy seconds..

How NOT to win him back

How NOT to win your ex-boyfriend back: Tip #1: After a break-up you may be tempted to lose a bunch of weight, wear a doily as a dress and a bracelet around your head..(yeah I know…totally tempting). But take it from Kate’s not a good makes you look a little odd. P.S. […]

Hilary Duff & Her Stalker: DUNZO!

Hilary Duff has one less boyfriend to worry about. Maksim Miakovsky, an 18-year-old Russian immigrant, who moved to the United States for the sole purpose of wooing Hilary Duff was arrested over the weekend. He was arrested for threatening to kill the object of his affection…Miss Duff, herself. In early October, Hilary Duff and her […]

Brunettes have more fun…

Newly single gals, Nicky Hilton, Carmen Electra and Nicole Richie have all re-invented their style post-breakup by dyeing their tresses a slightly darker color. Now pay attention ladies..this is a great tactic in getting your ex-boyfriend back. You time he sees you…he won’t recognize you and you can trick him into dating you again. […]

Ivanka Trump Doubles her fun…

Did anyone see Ivanka Trump on the Friday Night episode of 20/20? I couldn’t stop staring at her boobs, I didn’t hear a word she was wonder Lance Armstrong & Topher Grace were hooking up with her.