Tiki Barber is NOT the boss

TIKI Barber’s wife was the catalyst behind the Giants star’s decision to hang up his helmet. A longtime friend of Barber says she made him afraid he’d suffer a catastrophic injury that would turn him into a lousy dad. The 205-pound running back is heading for the broadcasting booth at age 31 because Ginny Barber has been “nagging him for a long time – and with others present – that he’d better retire before he has a crippling injury,” Barber’s friend says. If that happened, Ginny told him, “he couldn’t participate in raising his children.”

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#1 mattman 5 on 01.10.08 at 11:47 am

thats a lie and the book he wrote himself says its because of tim coughlin and if he didnt stay head coach hed still be in a giants uniform!

#2 Yvette on 02.04.08 at 9:53 am

Too bad he allowed his relationship the coach keep him from getting a superbowl ring. It’s sad grown men can’t agree to disagree. But I am glad he didn’t get to win, and/or play in the superbowl with those guys especially since he left and made nast comments about them. I like the fact the Plaxico highlighted and put the comment Tiki made about him in his locker. I know that is what made him and the other play hard.

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