Shanna Strikes Back…

Oohh…I love MySpace…

Shanna’s Blog in reaction to Travis’ earlier posting:

First and foremost, I find playing a seperation out in the public arena not only immature, but quite frankly in poor taste, BUT I feel I have to stand up for myself at this point. Airing dirty laundry is not a hard task, it doesn’t take any skill on putting your ex’s personal business or faults out in the public. It doesnt take a lot of skill to LIE to make others look bad. I do not conveniently and for my best interest edit and leave huge parts of the stories out. I have since tried to take the high road and turn the other cheek even when my soon to be ex was verbally bashing me on the Internet, in the media and flaunting his spiteful and vindictive relationships in my face. I am NOT the one running around the world with the town drug obsessed clown who isthe epitome of everything I claim I am NOT! I have been forced to defend myself, my character and my morals and values all the while still not putting my ex on blast. Travis has made our marriage and all that we stood for a joke at this point with his actions and creative story telling and I will find it very hard to ever forgive him. I have no problems going to Vegas and celebrating a day that wasn’t the end of my life, but the beginning, beside being mentally and verbally abused in my marriage, I sat home alone ignored and disrespected and I still wasn’t the one who left because I took my vows seriously and they actually meant something to me! This is not a new concept, infact this has nothing to do with me having a party in Vegas at all and my ex knows that. I will not after this day spend another ounce of energy defending myself to a camp of people whose motives are to LIE and knock others down when they find happiness. At the end of the day, I have had many accomplishments BEFORE my marriage and I’ll have many more after, I moved to california to become an actress when I was 19! I’ve worked hard, I feel blessed to have the opportunities that I have and I don’t feel an ounce of guilt for taking them. I’m sorry that my ex feels I am beneath him as a person, as a woman and that I am not worthy of him and his band of flunkys, I guess i will have to live with that.

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#1 80s Queen on 11.02.06 at 3:24 pm


ummm…ok…so why are you doing it then???

#2 80s Queen on 11.02.06 at 3:25 pm

It didn’t quote my quote:

I find playing a seperation out in the public arena not only immature, but quite frankly in poor taste

ummmm…ok…so why are you doing it then???

#3 Barbara on 12.15.06 at 9:10 am

He Shanna I have no Idea if you will ever read this but I agree and am soely disapointed that Travis is such and ass. I have delt with the same kinda things with my sons father an it has taken alot of him apologizing to me (ALOT) to be able to begin to try to forgive him. Anyways I hope the best for you and you look great I think better than when you to were together. Youve lost weight.

#4 grace on 12.16.06 at 8:15 pm

your writing indicates your intelligence and mature character.
You are a good woman and mother. The best thing is to continue your career and not on men. Your firstborn is very smart and she needs you now more than ever.Forget about men for awhile, let them chase you with diamond rings.I believe Travis will want you back but this will be too late.Good luck and no more outbursts even though you are fully right. But I see career will climb more if you hold out on men.

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