Friday, November 3rd, 2006

In honor of this week’s most devastating break-up, between Walk the Line star, Reese Witherspoon and hubby, Ryan Phillippe; the Friday wRAP up will be set to the tune of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire”. Enjoy! His Marriage is almost gone to a wife that’s legally blonde Ryan was a little bit horny-ish Then he […]

Minnie Driver & Criss Angel: DUNZO!

Apparently, Minnie Driver and Criss Angel’s rumored relationship was nothing more than an illusion. Just weeks after Criss Angel was seen making out with Paris Hilton, Minnie Driver was also seen with a new man. Newly divorced, Criss Angel met Minnie Driver in Vegas in August and the two were virtually inseparable for weeks. They […]

Patrick Dempsey’s First Wife..

Shanna Strikes Back…

Oohh…I love MySpace… Shanna’s Blog in reaction to Travis’ earlier posting: First and foremost, I find playing a seperation out in the public arena not only immature, but quite frankly in poor taste, BUT I feel I have to stand up for myself at this point. Airing dirty laundry is not a hard task, it […]

Thursday, Nov 2nd, 2006

Travis Barker fights back via MySpace..

Tiki Barber is NOT the boss

TIKI Barber’s wife was the catalyst behind the Giants star’s decision to hang up his helmet. A longtime friend of Barber says she made him afraid he’d suffer a catastrophic injury that would turn him into a lousy dad. The 205-pound running back is heading for the broadcasting booth at age 31 because Ginny Barber […]

November 2, 2006

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