Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz: Liars!

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#1 Karis'd on 03.07.07 at 1:44 pm

Ok. Lets drop it. Hes single……

#2 Alex on 03.09.07 at 11:45 am

yep. he is.

#3 dila on 03.10.07 at 1:15 am


#4 amanda on 04.11.07 at 2:01 pm

he screams sellout.

#5 gabby on 10.23.07 at 4:35 pm

stupid ashlee is a user and who the hell would make out with their selves man pete is so freaking HOT!!!!LOL PETE

#6 Lucy on 12.17.07 at 3:37 pm

do any of you know ashlee simpson, and since when has it been about their personal life.
take a step back and enjoy wat they are doing, wat everyone is supposed to be focussing on.
it doesn’t matter who he is dating or who makes him happy just as long as te music stays true like it is.
it can only matter if you personally know pete or ashlee and i can garentee not even 10% of us do. just let it go.
if ashlee wants a nose job then that is her problem.
there is so muc gossip going around now no one knows wat is hapenning, but who really cares?
if wat FOB blog is true then nothing matters anymore.

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