Shanna Moakler: Divorce is the new Trim Spa…

Shanna MoaklerA seemingly more slender Shanna Moakler answered questions from fans on her . The former “Meet the Barkers” star talked about her divorce and her new figure. Shanna reveals:

DIVORCE- not something i ever thought i would experience, my parents have been married for 40 yrs, and that just wasnt in the cards for me, who cares, god has bigger and better things planned for all of us who go throu it, im not ashamed, i at least tried, i gave it my best…i was honest…i cry, i surround my self with my friends and family and i read the beautiful letters people send and remind myself that im a good person and i keep striving…i find it shocking how many people have wrote me with the same experience, and i feel for all of you to even thou i cant write back to everyone, no one deserves to be decieved and we dont have to punish ourselevs for growing apart from others, ive LEARNED and sometimes thats all i can take away is the fact i am worthy of standing on my own 2 feet and i dont need anyone not a man to define me. i can sit in bed and worry about what i did wrong but life marches on if i wanna participate or not, so for all of you who wrote and asked how do ido it…well i dont have a choice, i have children who need me and i got one shot in this life and i wanna live it….and i wanna be happy.



MASON GRIFFIN- mason was my best friend from high school and he passed in april, he touched many lives and was my best friend, my soulmate, i miss him more then anyting.

HAVE I STARTED DATING? yes and i am going slow and taking my time and having a great deal of fun.

BABY WEIGHT- i dont and wish i had the answer for this, i have always said it takes 9 months getting there and 9 months getting back, i dont have a huge secret…my body holds on to that weight for a looooooooong time!! around 9 months it just kind of falls off, but i also do workout, i like power yoga that i listen to hip hop and cool music too…i was dancing alot and i think that helped!! we were dancing 3 hours a day!! for 8 weeks!! but the good old fashion weights and the eliptical is the “trick” i do yoga every other day and weights on the others….i cant lie divorce will make anyone lose weight…stretch marks..i have them…my best tip is to gain your weight slowly when your preggers, thats right ladies dont eat whole pies…i know u want to and im sorry u have to workout even when your throwing up….when i take pictures, they are airbrushed along with my c-scar..cause i got that too, and if a man loves me he will love all the flaws that come with me, so ladies dont beat yourself up about them…our babies are worth it…you can get them lazered..they dont make them go away but it helps….the joys of being a mother….

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#1 rachel on 06.16.10 at 7:07 am

i have just broke up after 3yrs with my first love im utterly heartbroken i cant eat or sleep help me :(

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