Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz: Not Dating order flowers richmond hill online

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#1 Hollywood Heartbreaker » Archive » Ashlee Simpson & Pete Wentz: Liars! on 11.01.06 at 7:43 am

[…] Just like I was only a matter of time, before Ashlee was seen with her ‘just friends’ boytoy. Ashlee & Pete were at Hyde Lounge last night. […]

#2 Harley on 12.17.06 at 5:21 pm

Pete realy does not need to go out with that tramp.(not being mean)They don’t even look good together.I think Pete can do better than that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I have heard that Ashley is a no good HEATBREAKER.Pete is awsome and he don’t deseve it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

#3 Angie on 12.28.06 at 3:55 pm

I know! They dont look like a good couple no offense but I just cant see them together.

#4 Saint Emmy on 12.29.06 at 6:49 pm

I’m sorry.


I don’t see the appeal. She’s a sell out. A fake. A whore.


Sell Out Girl and Fall Out Boy.

What a match.

#5 Karis'd on 12.30.06 at 9:38 am

Can you say immature? Jeaulosy? You dont even know him.

#6 sav on 12.30.06 at 5:34 pm


#7 Saint Emmy on 01.03.07 at 2:25 pm

I’m not jealous, I just don’t like Ashlee Simpson.

Obviously you care somewhat, Karis’D,

otherwise you wouldn’t be on here.

#8 Kim on 01.04.07 at 5:42 am

All I have to say is even though Pete knows from his fans that he deserves better then her, I just hope he’s happy. And even though she does dump all her boyfriends after a little while, I say let Pete get hurt, he’s the one who’s so “in love with” Ashlee. She causes trouble, and I’m already waiting for her to just give it all up. She doesn’t desere to hurt Pete. The last thing I have to say is that if she does hurt Pete, all her fans that love him to, will hate her! Pete does deserve somebody to love, but why Ashlee? I mean she did just watch her sister, Jessica, get a very nasty divorce and now people feel the sympathetic to Nick, so when Ashlee dumps Pete, all her fans and FOB’s fans are gonna give Pete the sympathy and turn on Ashlee. So Ashlle its your game. Date Pete, and loose your fame and fortune.

#9 Karis'd on 01.07.07 at 6:58 pm

I was just looking around sweetie and happened to come across this. So what are you going to say now?

#10 Elaine on 01.08.07 at 9:37 am

i totally agree pete deserves better!
i know i dont know either of them but evry1 knows that eventually ashlee is goin 2 hurt him
and nobody wants 2 see pete wentz get hurt
especially by some sellout whore who is competing with her own SISTER on whos hottest
whats up with thatt?
and pete could get pretty much and girl he wants
so he does not need ashlee simpson…
i just want petey 2 be happy! :'[

#11 Kim on 01.08.07 at 12:34 pm

all im going to say now is that i totally agree with Elaine because she knows what I was saying. I was just saying that Pete deserves better then a slut who’s gonna dump him for someone else. Ashlee’s just looking for hot guys who like her, i was never directing y post to anyone in particular. so what you gotta say to that?

#12 Saint Emmy on 01.08.07 at 5:00 pm

It doesn’t matter.
You still cared enough to post.
I’m sorry, SWEETIE.

#13 Karis'd on 01.21.07 at 5:35 am


#14 kim on 01.24.07 at 2:36 pm

kk, let me break it down for you. You I was agreeing with Elaine about her comment, then you came barging in with your “comments” and now your gettin on my last nerve. I had an opinion and I wrote it down, then you started callin me sweetie like I’m 5 years old and I can’t cross the street without holding my mommy’s hand, well news flash! I’m not! and my very first comment stays, I agree with you Elaine. So now tell me
You got that Sweetie?

#15 emily_loves_FOB on 01.26.07 at 10:47 am

Hey douche bag who wrote this pete is sXe so appearently he wouldnt have a drunk night fucking idiot leave him alone and mind your own god damn business

#16 Janine_loves_pete on 01.28.07 at 5:41 am

i seriously think that he CAN do better especially just after having nude piks of him posted all over the net…
he sent piks of him to a girl he liked and then she sent them to her friends and then they sent them their friend etc. etc. i seriously think that it is just an invasion of privacy to put pictures like that on the internet where everyone can see them. i seriously feel sorry for him because no one should have to go with the tormant of knowing that some girl that he liked totally turning on him and making him a complete sex icon… so i deffinatly think that he should stay away from Ashley cause she could hurt him on top of what has already happened.

#17 Tori on 01.28.07 at 10:11 am

one yes pete is fuckin sexy and idk what, but he is an adult and a celebrity so of course those pics were gonna get out. and idk if you have seen them but hey it wasn’t a bad thing for all his female fans!!!(but i do agree with the invasion of privacy thing) now with him and little ms. ashlee simpson, that’s just GAY. i agree she is kinda slutt-ish cuz yes she does just want a boi toi for the moment and then like a week later dumps them. and true, pete doesn’t desirve that. i mean come on. he’s a hott rock star, and an awsum lyricist. he doesn’t need someone like her who is competing with her sister, dumping every hott guy she sees…..that pisses me off. idk. w/e. and for any one who has something bad to say about this post just shut up cuz you all know this is true. cuz i am a devoted fob and pete wentz fan so i support him!!! but this is a badd decision on his part. w/e.

#18 Karis'd on 01.28.07 at 5:13 pm

Thats very mature of you. Grow up please. I call everybody that along with babe, love, ect. Sorry if I offened you because you do have to hold you mommys hand while crossing the street. Ok. Give me your worst.

#19 Tori on 01.29.07 at 1:36 pm

i surely hope that u are talking to the other chick that got all offended when you called her babe……(which i understand cuz i call all my chic friends chica) cuz i really didn’t do anything. i was speaking my mind on the whole ashlee skankson and pete hottywentz going out. i personally think it’s stupid to be offended when sumone calls you babe or baby….idk. that’s just me.

#20 Patricia on 02.02.07 at 11:34 am

HAHAHAAHAHAAHAAHAAHAHA Karis’d and Saint Emmy chill out yall funny. do they even go out or watever anymore pete and the skank

#21 Karis'd on 02.04.07 at 12:22 pm

Thanks Tori.

#22 Tori on 02.04.07 at 12:38 pm

if your being serious then……. your welcome! …wait….what did i do?? lol oh wait….nvm. got it.

#23 Kim on 02.05.07 at 6:54 am

Just in: Ashlee dumped Pete for good. My magazine said that they’ve been breaking up and making up in the beginning of 2007, now Ash calls it quits for good. So I guess everyone on here was right, Ash was sooner or later gonna break his pretty little heart, and she’s bound to go do it to another guy. Sorry Pete.

#24 Tori on 02.05.07 at 2:04 pm

awsumness! lol i knew it was gonna happen. it was just so obvious. now i have a favor for you guys up here…there’s this bitch sarah on the other pete and ashlee thingy and she is supposidly 23 trynna aruge with me and i’m 15. stupid. so if anyone goes over there and sees the shit she’s writin please say sumthing!!!!! thanx guys. i mean i could take her down myself but i got better stuff to do. but i mean yea. yall don’t have to but if you wanna then have fun. plus, you might have sumthing to say against what she’s saying cuz she’s rediculous and immature. but w/e. …………………………..i support you pete!!!!!!!

#25 Tori on 02.05.07 at 2:24 pm

uh yea….everything that i just said. scratch that. i’m a deedadee. lol…….except the awsumness and whatnot…adn the supporting part!. PEACE OUT!

#26 Karis'd on 02.06.07 at 6:46 pm

Yes. Im being serious.

#27 Peter&me^^ on 02.07.07 at 4:30 am

its better so if there don’t dating….peter loves only his big fans…like me and the others^^

ur dila?

#28 Tori on 02.07.07 at 3:22 pm

i’m a big fann!!!!!!! lol oh ok then your welcome…..again. ! lol

#29 Karis'd on 02.08.07 at 12:06 pm


#30 Tori on 02.08.07 at 1:32 pm

lol. ps… got new FOB cd on the day it came out….i def. recommend it. it’s a very good cd.

#31 Kim on 02.08.07 at 1:44 pm

i got the cd too, very good.

#32 Tori on 02.08.07 at 1:45 pm

yea i know..i’m like addicted to it. lol

#33 pete&me^^ on 02.09.07 at 5:07 am

o yeah the cd is veeeeeeery good^^lol!do you know anything abaout that pete has a new girlfriend???i mean it isnt right^^

#34 Karis'd on 02.09.07 at 9:02 pm

I am so sad. I have not got it yet. I am going to kill my mother. She is the one who wont bring me to the store to get it. Preety sure I am getting it tommorow though. Last night I was listening to them on Love Line and I am going to watch them on fuse.

#35 Karis'd on 02.10.07 at 5:46 pm

I got it.

#36 pete&me on 02.12.07 at 4:39 am

cooool…now ur one of the fall out boy fans whch have an cd of them^^(the new cd) öhhm…can i change my poste name??i wouldn’t the name “pete&me” so i use my right name,ok???
öhhm…so…see ya!!! ur dila(my real name^^)

#37 Kim on 02.12.07 at 11:59 am

ok guys, bad news….AGAIN! Pete’s dating another tramp. Lindsay Lohan. Personally Ashlee was better, but if he wants to keep gettin hurt, Lohans the girl and so was Simpson. He’s being so retarded these days, at least the new cd is good.

#38 Karis'd on 02.12.07 at 12:19 pm

He is? Wow…..thats really really really low for him.

The new cd rocks!

#39 Karis'd on 02.12.07 at 12:19 pm

Oh. and where did you here they were dateing?

#40 Tori on 02.12.07 at 1:36 pm

yea that’s what i wanna know……….. i heart infinity on high!!! lmao

#41 Kim on 02.13.07 at 10:40 am

Ok, this months magazine issue of J-14 (i believe thats the one i get in the mail) had this photo of Pete sitting next to Lindsay and i read the artcile type thing, and it said they were seen at a night club holdin hands, but Lohan looked so uncomfortable, especailly when Pete tried to snap a pic of him with his new “girl”. and yeah me and my mom both agree that this is very low for him. He must be desperate.

#42 Karis'd on 02.13.07 at 6:39 pm

Very very low. Srry…had to say that.

#43 dila on 02.15.07 at 7:01 am

omg!!!!-.- when he will find the right girl??i thought that he’s dating the friend of the sister from any girl..i knew that she’s a little bit crazy^^lol…well,see ya …but i’m veeeery sad…isn’t lohan a bitch like ashlee??she’s f*cking everybody(?)…

#44 Saint Emmy on 02.23.07 at 1:08 pm

Oh yes, just HILARIOUS Karis’D.

Funny though, if you were just browsing, then

Why are you still here?

Okay, now, you need to grow up a little yourself dear.

I just came here to see if you were still lurking.

Ah, highlight of this hour.


#45 Karis'd on 02.23.07 at 1:34 pm

I was acctualy talking to someone that was agreeing with me so fuck off please.

#46 kendall-h on 02.28.07 at 4:39 pm

Pete Deserves Way Better Then That Ugly Tramp Shes Probley Gonna Break His Heart Like She Does With All THe Other guys Hearts Like I Said Pete Can Do Way Better Then Her !

#47 dila on 03.01.07 at 6:00 am

yeah..that’s right..i mean whit whch boy was lindsay lohan longer than 1/2 year together???

#48 Saint Emmy on 03.06.07 at 7:28 am

Oh, now…
Don’t try to get all testy.

You are just pathetic really.

Lying to make yourself seem “cooler” in the eyes of the chat world.

Goodbye dearie.

Have fun.


#49 Kim on 03.06.07 at 10:41 am

Yeah he can date pretty much any girl he wants, but he goes for the girls whoi have been known in every magazine to dump guys. If you get that. But its true!

#50 lrae87 on 03.06.07 at 7:04 pm

i like apple pies.=D

#51 Karis'd on 03.07.07 at 1:48 pm

anksThay unhay. Iway ovelay ouyay otay.

ay uchmay asway Iway enjoyedway isthay onvocay I
ay avehay otay ogay ow.

Havenay unfay ithway ouryay ifelay.

Ifway ouyay avehay one…..way.


#52 Kim on 03.08.07 at 11:10 am

Huh??? Karis’d I don’t get your message.Maybe I’m a blonde and I’m the only one who can’t read it, but I seriously can’t read it. But anywho Pete has very bad taste in girlfriends.

#53 Karis'd on 03.08.07 at 4:02 pm

Im a blond too! lol. Not that thats a good thing or is it? Its in Pig Latin. I just decided to show some of my silly side.

#54 Saint Emmy on 03.08.07 at 5:51 pm

I was notified of a new post on here, and upon further inspection, it was you.

Your comment was childish, at most, and your ending remark about the life that I apparently “don’t have”

Was just charming.

Seriously dear, how old are you? 14?

Go do your homework, sweetie, you don’t want mommy yelling at you.

Muah babe.

#55 dila on 03.09.07 at 6:03 am

*no comment*

#56 Karis'd on 03.10.07 at 7:47 am

What a condescending bitch you are. I am only 15, how old are you cause at 15 going to these sites is NORMAL, for any one much older, it’s PATHETIC!

#57 Chloe on 03.29.07 at 4:18 am

all I have to say is.
that pete wentz is freakin hott…
and he shouldn’t go out with ashlee.
because she pretty much sucks.

#58 XsinxOfxLoveX on 04.20.07 at 1:52 pm

yeah its sad that he cant find the right one…maybe if we’re lucky he will you know…stop dating and uhm end up loving all the girl fans…*dreams*…nah but anyways im soo sad i want to go to their concert soo badly…fall out boy, the academy is…omgoshh i love those bands…yeah…if i would go i’d end up you know like hugging him and might blind me with pepper spray…besides the point….yeahhh..its sad that he cant find the right one….3 words to both girls…boo you whores…lmao

#59 Sexi Mexi on 04.30.07 at 3:19 pm

this is good i was afraid that pete was fallin for that tramp. i think if ashley was just usin pete she shud just go some where else. besides ive met Pete and all he wants is a girl thats a real BAD ASS. he shud dump her off the face of the earth

#60 xLindsayNicoleX3 on 05.03.07 at 11:33 am

pete wentz is so damn finee :].
can’t wait to see him may 21st!
btw idk who really knows if him and ashlee dating is forreal because there are a ton of websites saying they are and arent together so um i dont believe they’re dating.

#61 Mandy Girl on 09.13.07 at 11:09 am

FOB is soooo freaking awsome!!! love the new song thnks fr the memories..sweet song!


#62 Karis'd on 09.13.07 at 1:38 pm

Ha ha…this is so old. Duh there going Yea….FOB is the

#63 breanna on 11.12.07 at 2:50 pm

pete that was a good iden to broked up becase you need to date me !!!!!!!

ps i love you

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