Dear Canada…leave our men alone!

Canada Loves our Men

Just hours after the announcement of Ryan Phillippe & Reese Witherspoon’s separation, rumors about an alleged affair between Ryan and a Canadian waitress have emerged into Cyberspace. Lainey reports:

Also a restaurant employee, at a restaurant chain in Vancouver well known for extremely attractive servers, one in particular *allegedly* carried on an affair with the newly single sunkissed blonde with the sunkissed children and the very sunkissed popular soon-to-be ex wife for the duration of his last shoot in town.”

Damn those Candadian women* and their frost bitten noses and furry boots!

If you remember correctly, Canadian women also were responsible for the break up of the following relationships: Uma Thurman & Ethan Hawke, Matthew LeBlanc & Melissa, Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck.

* CeCe Heartbreaker has nothing against Canadian women…in fact she happens to be part Canadian!

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#1 CutiePatootie84 on 10.30.06 at 2:04 pm

Yeah! Welcome back,HM. Canada is for lovers huh? Glad to have you back.

#2 I don't get it on 10.30.06 at 4:09 pm

“restaurant chain in Vancouver well known for extremely attractive servers”. Does this mean he was hooking up with a Hooters waitress?

#3 Panteaz on 10.30.06 at 5:01 pm

Yeayyyy! You are BAAAACCCKKKK!

#4 CanadianCarrie on 10.31.06 at 8:20 pm

Welcome back hotmomma!!
Yes we Canadian women are something to get all hot and bothered by, we’re HOT!! Except right now! It’s frickin cold here!

#5 Hollywood Heartbreaker » Archive » Abbie Cornish NOT to blame for Witherspoon/Phillippe break-up on 10.31.06 at 9:02 pm

[…] Well..there’s always the Canadian waitress theory. […]

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