Phillippe & Witherspoon..The saga continues..

Celebrity Divorce does a body good…

Check out Whitney Houston and good friend, Halle Berry…proof that divorce can make you sexier than ever.Whitney is currently in the process of divorcing Bobby Brown. Halle Berry divorced David Justice in 1996 and Eric Benet in 2005. She is currently seeing Versace model, Gabriel Aubry. Photo:People

Top 10 Signs a Celebrity Marriage is on the Rocks

TOP 10 SIGNS A CELEBRITY MARRIAGE IS ON THE ROCKS: 10. MTV asks them to 9.They threaten to that says they are about to break up 8. They live on a cliff (

Reese Witherspoon: Day before the split

Lindsay Lohan wants to “Get Physical”…

Let’s get Physical..Physical…let me hear your body talk..your body talk… I can’t help but warn Lindsay Lohan that dressing up like Olivia Newton John (circa ’82) can be dangerous to her boyfriend’s health.. one day.

Guess what Brandon Davis is for Halloween?

Brandon can thank Mischa Barton for his mention on this website. Normally, fathead, no-name, single guys don’t make it onto Hollywood Heartbreaker. But the fact that he at one time did date, ‘much ado about nothing’ Mischa Barton, he’s considered fodder for the Heartbreaker. Which is why I’m pleased to bring you Brandon Davis in […]

Dave Navarro..You Sexy Devil..You!

Dave Navarro enjoys his first Halloween as a single man. Photo:UsWeekly

Dear Canada…leave our men alone!

Just hours after the announcement of Ryan Phillippe & Reese Witherspoon’s separation, rumors about an alleged affair between Ryan and a Canadian waitress have emerged into Cyberspace. Lainey reports: Also a restaurant employee, at a restaurant chain in Vancouver well known for extremely attractive servers, one in particular *allegedly* carried on an affair with […]

Reese & Ryan: SPLIT!