Paris & Stavros: Halloween Night Out..

Paris Hilton Halloween

Paris Hilton Halloween

Paris Hilton cop

Paris Hilton and ex-boyfriend, Stavros continue to spark reconciliation rumors by attending a Halloween costume party in Hollywood on Friday night.

A cop costume is perfect for Paris…that way when she gets pulled over for drinking and driving..she can claim she was on a high speed chase to catch a bad guy!

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#1 Paris is Pretty - Ugly on 10.29.06 at 5:21 pm

Why do girls always try to be sexy on Halloween. I prefer Lindsay Lohan’s costume in Mean Girls.

#2 FrenchieFrenchFry on 10.30.06 at 1:30 pm

Eww! Stavros’ almost there chest hair is making me gag.

#3 CutiePatootie84 on 10.30.06 at 2:07 pm

Is Paris dressed up like a hooker or a police officer? I can’t tell..but it’s ironic that she could give herself a ticket for prositition.

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