Anna Nicole Smith’s Ex-boyfriend suing her again!

Michael Jackson to marry the nanny?

Is Jessica Simpson cruising MySpace for dates?

So, you know all those profiles on MySpace that claim to be Jessica Simpson? Well, those are not hers. Oh, Jessica Simpson is on MySpace, but she’s hiding behind a fake profile so she can meet guys online. According to Life Style Extra, Simpson has become addicted to the “social Networking” (read: Dating) site, and […]

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…especially when it comes to boyfriends and drughabits… Courtney Love, Kate Moss & Lindsay Lohan have all had a piece of model boy, James Burke.

Naomi Watts & Liev Schriever have public fight..

Naomi Watts and boyfriend Liev Schreiber had a rather public tiff last week after his performance at “The 24 Hour Plays.”She stormed out of the Whiskey Bar after-party as “Liev followed her, calling, ‘Baby!’ ” According to a witness: “She slammed her drink down; he followed suit, but took a bracing sip before following. Five […]