Ashlee & Jessica Simpson: I will Survive! professional supplement center discount code


Tara Reid: Carson Daly was the love of her life…

Nicole Richie enters treatment program…

Fresh off a and subsequent …Nicole Richie has reportedly entered a ‘diagnostic treatment’ center to determine why guys keep breaking up with her why she isn’t gaining weight. The reports are quick to point out that she has NOT entered an eating disorder clinic but is just being monitored as to why the tiny poptart […]

Sara Evans & Husband: STOP TALKING ALREADY!

Country singer Sara Evans, 35, and her husband, Craig Schelske, 43, have agreed to stop talking about cheating and porn and start getting real. According to TMZ, the former Dancing with Stars contestant and her soon-to-be ex-husband met in a Nashville courtroom today and agreed to not discuss allegations of cheating, pornography or substance abuse […]

Paris & Stavros: Back on?

It’s time to break up…

Girls..wouldn’t you break up with any guy who made this face..and took himself seriously? Can someone remind K-Fed that he is just Britney Spears’ husband..and has no real talent of his own.