More accusations in Hasslehoff divorce case..

TMZ has obtained court documents in which David Hasselhoff claims his estranged wife, Pamela Bach, was “intoxicated or on drugs” at their daughter’s sweet 16 party. In documents filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, Hasselhoff says Bach “often wrongly accused me of having affairs in the presence of our children, and to say things like ‘go f-ck…'” In the legal papers, Hasselhoff continues, “This was especially true with respect to our daughter’s former nanny, Becky.” Hasselhoff says “Respondent unfairly harbors an irrational obsession and jealous rage toward our nanny, and persists in accusing her of wanting to replace (Bach) as my wife and (Bach) as the mother of our two children.” And the accusations continue. Hasselhoff says in the documents that Bach “broke into my former residence this past Father’s Day…” In documents submitted to the court, a lab report concludes that Bach tested positive for cocaine. And there’s more. In a transcript of a telephone conversation, Pamela makes the following accusations to David: “You’ve abused me, you’ve ____ terrorized me, you have done too many women. You’re psycho man. You’re psycho.” She continues, according to the transcript: “I’m not going to be O.J. Simpson like you say to my friends, I with (sic) I was O.J., I could kill Nicole. I’m not going to let you kill me.” TMZ spoke with Bach’s lawyer, Susan Wiesner, who would not comment on the allegations. She did say that the documents in question should have been sealed and that Hasselhoff”s conduct by disclosing these records “is an intentional effort on this part to besmirch her character and her reputation. Mrs. Hasselhoff could respond to each and every allegation with a litany of allegations that have been filed with the court regarding Mr. Hasselhoff’s alcohol problems and his phone calls, etc., but she doesn’t want to engage in the media in order to protect the children.”

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