Britney continues to mystify..

A mystery is growing around Britney Spears’ second baby.

It was widely reported that on Sept. 12, Spears gave birth to a baby boy that she named Sutton Pierce. Spears has not confirmed those reports, and pics of little Sutton have yet to surface. Sources tell the Scoop that may be because there is no Sutton Pierce Spears Federline.

“That’s not the baby’s name,” one source insists. “It’s Jayden James. J.J. for short.”

Another source insists that the baby isn’t a boy at all — but a girl.

The rumors gained traction when Federline appeared on a radio show and refused to answer questions about the baby’s name or gender. “Isn’t that strange when you hear that, when you have a child and people tell you the sex is a different one,” the DJ asked Federline. He replied: “Yeah it’s crazy. Well it’s even crazier when people are telling me my child’s name.”

Buzz about the baby’s sex grew louder after a report that Spears was photographed buying pink baby clothes at Planet Blue in Malibu — but her bodyguard confiscated the film.

Spears’ rep didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Why all the secrecy? One source compares it to the recent Suri Cruise mystery and says that the baby’s identity will be released in a PR blitz. Says the source: “I’m hearing that they’ll release pics closer to the release date of Kevin’s new CD [Oct. 31].”

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