Carmen Electra wants to be alone for a while…

Us Weekly ran into Carmen Electra — looking stunning in a frock by David Meister — at the Conde Nast Traveler Awards at NYC’s American Museum of Natural History on October 16.

After splitting from husband Dave Navarro in July, the 34-year-old actress has been surprisingly candid about the break-up. She talked to Us about why she (unlike Nick Lachey) doesn’t regret the decision to chronicle her marriage on a reality show, and whether or not she and her ex still talk. She also chatted about signing on as a spokeswoman for a diet pill and her new book, How to be Sexy, due out next year.

What is it like being single again?
Itís been fun because Iíve had more time to hang out with my friends. I think sometimes when youíre in relationships you donít really have the time because youíre working and then your focus is on your boyfriend or your husband. A lot of times we sort of push our friends to the side a little bit, which I think is a natural thing. Itís just nice to reconnect and do fun stuff and have sleepovers, dancing, fun girl stuff.

Is there anyone you have your eye on?
No. Iím not looking. I just want to be alone for awhile. But itís scary you know? And you feel lonely, you want to grab onto something, but then youíre not really dealing with the experience. Youíre just looking for a distraction. I want to feel the experience. I want to feel present.

How do you feel the MTV show Carmen + Dave: Till Death Do Us Part impacted your relationship with Dave?
Dave and I have actually sat down and talked about it because people do ask us that question a lot. And we donít regret having our show on MTV. We love MTV. It was an experience, and weíll have that experience forever. We have it documented.

Do you and Dave still talk?
Weíre still really good friends. I donít regret it. You donít know why you choose to do things sometimes, but itís all part of the bigger plan and you just kind of go with it. Not everything always works out, but weíre still friends. Thatís all that matters.

Tell Us about your new weight loss pill NV.
Itís a beauty supplement. Itís for your hair, your skin and your nails. It has collagen in it. I get excited because Iím such a girly-girl with products. I love anything thatís good for your skin. It also has green tea in it, and other supplements that help suppress your appetite, but itís all-natural. I just love working in the beauty arena.

Have you experienced weight loss or any changes?
No, but my goal wasnít to lose weight. I donít want to lose any more weight. I think about two years ago I was able to get those extra five pounds off, but Iíve really worked hard to maintain this weight without pushing it too far.

And what about your new book?
Iím excited about it! Itís all about how to be sexy, fashion tips and dating tips. Just tips on flirting and how to bat your eyes and lick your lips, little subtle things that you can do to show someone youíre interested in them. You know, itís campy and itís fun.

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