Sara Evan’s Nanny Speaks..

Country singer and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Sara Evans, 35, is accusing her former nanny and close friend, Alison Clinton, of having an affair with Evans’ husband, contributing to the break-up of their 13-year marriage.
Now Clinton (who married her longtime boyfriend several months ago) speaks to Us Weekly about what was really going on with Evans’ husband, Craig Schelske, 43, and what happened the last time she spoke to Evans.
What was your reaction when you heard Sara was accusing you of having an affair with her husband?
“Just hearing you say it right now guts me. It’s an allegation that’s so far from the truth, I’m having a hard time even wrapping my mind around it.”
How did you know Sara?
“I began working for her [as a nanny] five years ago. Hired right on the spot. Started watching her son that very day they interviewed me since they had to go leave for a meeting. I started right away and our friendship grew very fast. She was really my best friend right until this incident.”
Can you explain what you mean by best friends?
“The thing about our families were that we were extremely close. We spent Valentine’s Day together as a couple. Chris and I would go over to the house and hang out, watch movies, do dance sessions. We would have like the neighbors over and we’d play on Chris’s drums and Craig would play guitar and we’d sing. We all got along very well.”
Did you ever spend time alone with just Craig?
“Sometimes Craig would fly into Nashville and I would pick him up in their car and take him back to the house if Sara couldn’t. Or drop him off at the airport. Because I live in Nashville and it was just more convenient. But that was something that Sara always knew about.”
What was your relationship with Craig like?
“He never suggested anything. He never made a pass at me or made me feel uncomfortable in any way. He was nothing short of respectful.”
How did Sara get the idea that you were having an affair with Craig?
“I think that’s why this hurts so much. There’s no reason for it. It’s just such a false accusation, I can’t even think of where she would come up with the story.”
What about the other stuff Sara accuses Craig of? The Internet ads? Do you know anything about that?
“No. Because I love them so much, I didn’t want to know all the accusations that were said about them. They were so hurtful to begin with. I was just in shock. I keep crying about it — it’s just miserable.”
Did you watch Sara on Dancing With the Stars?
“I was her biggest fan. I was so proud of her. She worked so hard.”
Did you ever visit her on the set?
“No. The last conversation we had was last Wednesday over the phone. It was just like, “I love you and miss you.” She said, “Try to come out here.” And then Thursday was when everything was filed, it was just like Jeckyll & Hyde.”
What are you doing now? What’s you current job?
“I aspire to be a country music artist. That’s why working for Sara was such a dream job, because I got to watch someone who I admire. That’s why I think it’s so important that I clear my name, that I get a public retraction or apology for these comments. Nashville is a small town and reputation means so much.”
Have you talked to Craig since the papers were filed?
“He called and talked to my husband, I think it was Sunday. He was so sorry that we were going through this, that he was thinking of us and he said just to hang in there.”
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