Groban & Jones: DUNZO!

After three years together, pop balladeer Josh Groban and actress January Jones (American Wedding) are “taking a break” from one another, his rep, Liz Rosenberg, tells PEOPLE.

Other than saying, “They remain friends,” Rosenberg had no further comment.

Jones’s rep, Dominique Appel, also had no comment.

Jones, 28, was spotted this past weekend with Lukas Haas and other pals at the Light nightclub anniversary party in Las Vegas. Jones and Haas star in the new movie Swedish Auto, opening at the Los Angeles Film Festival this week.

The former Abercrombie & Fitch model – who once dated Ashton Kutcher – will next appear in the Matthew McConaughey film We Are Marshall, in which she plays the wife of Matthew Fox’s character.

Groban, 25, released his second studio album, Closer, in 2004 – the same year he appeared in the Super Bowl half-time show. Unfortunately, his performance was upstaged by the antics of Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson.

He is currently back in the recording studio working on his latest CD, to be released this fall, says Rosenberg.

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#1 megan on 02.21.07 at 12:45 pm

josh groban has an amazing gif wow

#2 Kim on 05.30.07 at 2:57 am

I saw January Jones in Love’s Enduring Promise. She can’t act… or at least she can’t act convincingly enough. But she seems sweet.

#3 Becky on 07.14.07 at 7:14 am

I would be interested to know why January Jones didn’t continue playing as Missie Davis in the subsequent installments to the Love Comes Softly series. The other lady who played as Missie looked to old for the role and didn’t have good chemistry with Logan Bartholomew (Willie LaHaye). I agree with Kim — there were times her acting looked fake . . . but it still would have been great if they could have kept the cast together. Now they’ve taken Logan Bartholemew out and that’s going to wreck the whole thing. I read that January liked Josh because he’s so funny. I think he needs to find someone who needs him for more than comic relief. This is just my quess, but maybe they broke up because they are both really busy and couldn’t be together much. Hard to see any girl letting Josh Groban go . . . It must have been tough.

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